Last week, Disneyland started using the new loading area that is on the bottom floor of the new parking structure.

I have to say, this is a nice improvement in how they handle security and loading/unloading the trams.

The Pixar plaza area has 3 elevators which hopefully will help with the long lines that form at opening and closing for strollers and wheel chairs.

Today, an employee we spoke with said they are going to be adding another elevator to the original parking structure. A welcome improvement.

The entire plaza area that use to be at the bottom of the escalators is currently dirt. Over the past few days, they have been tearing up all the plaza. They also have the foundation for the new elevator started.

The BIG TIP here is that there is a separate entrance for the new parking lot off of Magic Way. You have to be headed west bound. There is no way to turn in to the new parking lot if you are headed east bound. So what you want to do is come in towards the parking garage, but take the road that goes to Downtown Disney. Instead of turning left into DTD, you turn right into the new entrance. NO LINES!

They are also building a walkway that goes from the 2nd level of the new parking garage towards DTD. The bridge over Magic Way is completed and they have framed most of the rest of the walk way. They are also doing extensive construction in the area the path is going through. There is a good sized area fenced off and graded for construction.