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    Default Oga's Cantina review

    Hi guys! Sorry for the delay on this, i just haven't been feeling very good this week.

    My Sister, BIL, Friend and myself finally figured out how to make contact with the Blackspire Outpost underworld and secured a vist to Oga's Cantina finally.

    First lets talk about getting in. Just to the right of the entrance to the Cantina, there are a couple of umbrellas and castmembers that will take your phone number and you will get a text message from the system immediately, verifying you are in the que for Oga's. You are then given an estimated wait time and you can go enjoy the rest of SWGE while you wait.

    Before you enter the cantina, the castmembers outside educate you on ordering 2 drinks at once or you may not get the second drink. there are no requests. if you get a booth, you are lucky.

    As with everything in SWGE, the attention to detail is amazing. Entering the cantina is very cool. They have a droid scanner to the right as you walk in (the grey metal with blue light scanner) Like all of the doors in SWGE, the cantina doors slide open boom your in the Cantina.

    From the outside of the Cantina, it sounds like a club. you can hear the bass beat of DJ R-3X thumping his tunes inside. It is fun to watch DJ R-3X - REX, bop to the music and interact with the crowd. Its good to see that REX has found a new gig. Being a Star Tours pilot, really wasn't his thing.

    REX certainly ads to the charm of this place, helping to transport you to somewhere far from home.

    The vast majority of the "tables" are standing tables. which for our party of 4, we found these type of table would work out just fine.

    We split the table with another party of 2 and we found standing 2 across from 2 was the best way to enjoy the cantina. its loud and hard to hear, so being directly across from each other is a big help. the standing table is only about a foot wide, rounded at the ends and has a light panel going a long the center of it. You could pretty easily fit 8 people around one of these standing tables.

    There are also spots at the round bar in the center of the room.

    in the center of the bar, also the center of the room, is a bunch of machinery and some bubbling green goop. They serve one of the drinks out of this machine - I think the Jedi Mind Trick - I will confirm this soon.

    The Cantina is not very big.


    A couple things here.

    I fear we are going to see reservations for the Cantina be gone first thing in the morning. Maybe they will implement some kind of staggered reservation system as they allow more people into SWGE they will open up a few more reservations. I will update here as I find out how they are handling reservations.

    I will be putting together a guide on how to get into Oga's.

    also, I really hope Disney has taken how popular Oga's is and does something to expand the size of the one in Florida. they really need to double the size of this venue or build 2 identical ones.

    Better yet 3 cantina's. they are round. they could make a hidden mickey with 3 of them. lol


    The night we got in, they were definitely working the bugs out. The first time the bar keep came up to us, we were still reading the menu and asked for another minute. well it was 15 - 20 minutes before she was back around.

    Currently, they make you pay for your drinks and food before they bring it to you.

    There is a 2 drink maximum allowed per person, regardless of the drink.

    For food, we ordered 1 each of the available snacks.

    Oga's Obsession - served in a petrie dish is jello with bits of dried fruit and blueberry popping pearls. From the menu: Odwalla Lemonade, cotton candy flavor, blueberry popping pearls with a bursting dried fruit mixture.

    This actually paired really good with the available snack

    Batuu Bits. A light Crisp snack mix from the galaxy. This was an assortment of savory and spicy crispy snacks. Wasabi peas, some rice crackers of various flavors and what must be something Disney is making unique. I have never seen it before, its a large crips coated on one side with a pretty spicy flavoring. I am pretty sure it was wasabi too, very spicy and having a bite of Oga's Obsession to cool it off was nice.

    For drinks, we ordered the Cliff Dweller, my sister really wanted the Porg Mug it comes in. This citrus, coconut, hibiscus-grenadine, seagrams ginger ale makes a very tasty drink and ran $32 if you wanted to keep the Porg Mug.

    Blue Bantha, The Blue milk served with a Bantha-inspired vanilla-butter sugar cookie. $13.00

    Jedi Mind Trick - I need to verify this next week, I believe this is the drink that looks like it is served out of the bubbling green goop in the center of the Cantina. Ketel One Botanical Grapefruit & Rose Vodka, John D. Taylor's Velvet Falernum, Bols Blue curacao, white grape juice, lime juice, grapefruit bitters. $14

    Yub Nub - Malubu Pineapple rum, sailor jerry spiced rum, citrus juices, passion fruit - server ind Endor Mug $42

    Of everything we tried, there is nothing we wouldn't order again in the future. It was a very enjoyable almost hour to immerser ourselves in Disney's magic.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

    Next up - working on a post about the games you can play around Batuu with your phone.
    Disneyland: many, MANY times!

    Am I a huge disney fan? YOU BETCHA! I blame it all on my parents! They are the one's that walked around Disneyland all day to induce labor! Yep, I've been going to Disneyland since the day before I was born!

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    Thanks so much for the really detailed review!
    Figment! aka Jason o
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