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    I have wanted to take a Disney Cruise for a long time, but it is so expensive for a family of 4. How do you go about paying for it? For my family, if I recall correctly for a 3 day cruise, it was over $5000. I can take a 7 day carnival cruise for $2100. I know disney doesn't have the casino and that is where part of the price difference is, but still, how do you afford it?
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    For our family of 4, our last 4 day cruise on the Dream was $3600 and our 7 day cruise this summer on the Fantasy is $6300. Then for us there is an added 30% premium for the Canadian to US dollar conversion. So they sure do get very expensive!

    Typically this is our "big" vacation for the whole year. We do a long trip and then add the cruise on the end of our trip. We will try and save something every pay and also put in our tax returns. Every little bit of savings helps.

    Seeing you are from Florida, they do have discounts for Florida residents. That is something to look into. Also if you are a military family there are discounts available as well. Unfortunately for us most Canadian discounts are time we can not go, so we pay full price. The earlier you book the cheaper the price as well.

    We have cruised other lines, at substantially cheaper prices, but always come back to DCL.

    Good luck with your cruise planning and saving!
    Brian (aka CanadianWDWFan)
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    I prefer to cruise with Royal Caribbean, so it is a bit cheaper. I do different things to pay for any vacation we go on. I am lucky enough to be able to pick up plenty of overtime. I also do secret shopper missions through Mobee. It doesn't pay a whole lot, so I mostly do it for fun with the added bonus of a little extra spending money. Every once in a while, I'll volunteer for medical research. Like next week, I'm volunteering for a heart ultrasound, and they are giving me a $25 gift card. It isn't a lot, but I mostly do it to help them out.

    What helps me the most is planning out my big vacations well in advance. At least a year out, I will have researched where we are going and have a pretty good idea of what we will be doing. That way I know how much I have to save each week and can sign up for overtime accordingly. If it's a day where I'm dragging at work, I'll open up my spread sheet and pick which event I am working towards for that hour or two or three. Last Sunday, I was working for money to pay for tickets to the Adventuredome and the Marvel Avengers Station in Vegas. :P
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    4 people, for 5k,, well, taht is 1200 a person. Sounds right. Some of the others are a little less expensive. Keep in my on Carnival, it tends to break down to Lord of the Flies pretty quickly. Might have to row back to shore in a raft like a refugee.

    Worst case on Disney, I hear they take lost children and they end up sentenced to its a Small World.

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    We did a Disney cruise and LOVED it. It was expensive, but we saved and made it our big (and I think only) trip for the year.

    But, to be honest, we've done Carnival since, and although it isn't quite as awesome as Disney, for less than 1/2 of the price, I can deal with it. We still have fun, we still enjoy it, we still explore new ports, and we still get time together. The $$ saved means we can do other things as well.

    So, as fun as a Disney cruise is, if it is going to stretch you too far, don't stress about it and enjoy the time together on whatever vacation you take.
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