Put on your hat, tails, and ears with the new Disney Parks Designer Collection:

Starting May 24, guests at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort can get their hands on a series of limited-release Mickey Mouse ear hats and Minnie Mouse ear headbands that, for the first time ever, are designed by notable celebrities, designers and artists!

The Disney Parks Designer Collection will introduce signature elements of each collaborator to the iconic silhouettes of Mickey and Minnie for a never-before-seen look. For those of you not at the resorts, you’re in luck! They will also be available online at shopDisney.com.

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Each month, new designs will be released such as a bridal-inspired design using hand sewn crystal and pearl embroidery by Vera Wang, a decadent crystal-encrusted ear hat from The Blonds, a classic pink-puffed ear headband by Betsey Johnson, a mommy-and-daughter set by Cupcakes and Cashmere and a genuine crafted leather, floral-inspired ear headband by COACH.

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Legendary supermodel, television host and entrepreneur Heidi Klum also designed a dazzling pair of ears coming this fall. And in early 2020, another stunning ear headband will hit the shelves from American supermodel and entrepreneur Karlie Kloss.

The creative collaborations don’t stop there! Other designers in the collection include HARVEYS , ALEX AND ANI, Loungefly and a design from a galaxy far, far away by Star Wars actress Ashley Eckstein for Her Universe.

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Artists from around the world will also expand upon the stories of some of the most beloved characters and attractions in a whole new way. Some designs from artists as featured in the WonderGround Art Galleries include: NOAH, SHAG, Jerrod Maruyama, Dave Perillo and John Coulter.

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Many of the designs in the collection take inspiration from beloved Disney characters and Disney Parks attractions, including an Enchanted Tiki Room-inspired design and forthcoming designs by Disney Imagineers such as Kim Irvine, Kevin Rafferty and Joe Rohde.

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For those of you looking to get your ears on, check out the jam-packed release schedule, with even more designs to be announced in the coming months:

HARVEYS – May 24th
Betsey Johnson – Summer 2019
ALEX AND ANI – Summer 2019
Noah Fine Art – Summer 2019
Kim Irvine – Summer 2019
Her Universe – Summer 2019
SHAG – Summer 2019
Jerrod Maruyama – Fall 2019
Heidi Klum – Fall 2019
The Blonds – Fall 2019
Loungefly – Fall 2019
COACH – Fall 2019
Joe Rohde – April 2020
Vera Wang – Spring 2020
Cupcakes and Cashmere – Spring 2020
Kevin Rafferty – Spring 2020
Karlie Kloss – Spring 2020
John Coulter – Summer 2020

The collection will be found at The Disney Dress Shop, Disneyana and Off the Page at Disneyland Resort in California, Ever After Jewelry Co. & Accessories, MouseGear, Uptown Jewelers, Once Upon a Time and Discovery Trading Company at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and online at shopDisney.com/Disney-Parks-Designer-Collection.