Quantcast First Details on Light Sabers in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge
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    Exclamation First Details on Light Sabers in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

    Star Wars Celebration 2019 and other previews to the media have unveiled new details on Light Saber experiences in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge:

    Quote Originally Posted by By Brady MacDonald | The Orange County Register

    In the “Star Wars” timeline, Galaxy’s Edge is set in the current trilogy of films when Jedi Knights are in decline. As a result, Savi keeps the lightsaber-building shop a secret to avoid detection by the villainous First Order, bent on destroying the heroic Jedi Order.

    The up-charge lightsaber-building experience will be led by the Gatherers in the Chamber of the Guardians.

    “Our guests will get to meet the Gatherers who have dedicated their life to balancing The Force by sharing their knowledge of it,” said Walt Disney Imagineering creative producer Brian Loo. “In this experience, our guests will go on a guided tour with the Gatherers to build their lightsaber on their journey.”

    After checking in, builders taking part in the experience will meet the shop’s proprietor, said Walt Disney Imagineering executive creative director Chris Beatty.

    “Savi’s going to come out and greet you and then bring you into the shop,” Beatty said.

    A small group will enter the Chamber of the Guardians for the 20-minute build-your-own lightsaber experience.

    “It’s a very intimate experience,” Beatty said. “You’re in there with only 14 builders and your family.”

    The personalized lightsabers will have metal hilts and light-up blades. Kyber crystals added to the hilts will determine the color of the blade. The Jedi weapons will make contact sounds and powering up and down noises just like lightsabers do in the “Star Wars” movies.

    Builders will choose from four lightsaber styles:

    Peace & Justice, reflecting the Jedi style from the Republic era
    Power & Control, a Sith style reflective of the Dark Side of the Force
    Elemental Nature, using natural components like Brylark trees, Cartusion whale bones and Rancor teeth
    Protection & Defense, incorporating components with ancient and mysterious motifs and inscriptions

    Pre-built “legacy” lightsabers associated with “Star Wars” characters like Shaak Ti and Ahsoka Tano will be sold at Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities in Black Spire Outpost.

    The reinforced plastic blades on the lightsabers can be detached from the handle-like hilts and stored while visitors ride on attractions in the theme park. The hilts can be attached to waistband belt clips that will be sold in Galaxy’s Edge.
    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie Hall | Polygon

    Product experts from the Disney Parks team were on hand at this year’s Star Wars Celebration in Chicago for a handful of presentations that included examples of the final product. Here’s how the process will work.

    Name:  chall_190415_ply0874_starwars_0026.jpg
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    Two different lightsaber shops will be available at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge . The first, called Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities, will sell a series of 10 legacy lightsabers based on famous blades from the Star Wars canon. The second, called Savi’s Workshop, will allow fans to build their own lightsaber from a discrete collection of parts.

    Name:  chall_190415_ply0874_starwars_0005.jpg
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    The crystals themselves are random. Guests will know the color, but not the cut or kind of crystal until they open it. Once selected, crystals will then be inserted into a holocron, which will allow iconic characters from the Star Wars universe to whisper the mysteries of the Force. Disney staff stressed that the crystals themselves contain new and unusual lore about the Star Wars universe. From there, Gatherers will assist guests in using the discrete set of parts that they have selected to customize their blade.


    A host of accessories will also be on sale, including full-length padded carrying cases for those who purchase the optional blades. Robust, universal belt clips are also available. They offer both direct attachment points and clips for the D-rings common on some lightsabers. Additionally, fans can also purchase their own holocron so that they can “commune with the Force” and learn about their own, unique kyber crystal at home.
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    Disney just take my money already!!!!
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    i'm not even into star wars and they can have my money
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    From a local paper.

    "The price of the the hilt, or handle, will be around $109 while the cost of the blade will be $49 depending on the style of lightsaber purchased, according to the Associated Press. Disneyland officials said lightsaber prices are still being finalized for Galaxy's Edge."
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    I wonder, will they ban carrying a lightsaber WITH a blade in the Park other than contained in a carrying case? I'm expecting that will be the situation (boo hiss).

    I know that my Ultrasabers blade is "combat" quality.. quite solid...... and can cause a solid hit when swung. Wondering what type of blades these units will have.



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