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    Exclamation The New York Times Potentially Leaks Plans for New Attraction

    An article in today's The New York Times may have leaked some future plans for Disney's Hollywood Studios ahead of an announcement from Disney:

    Quote Originally Posted by Brooks Barnes | The New York Times

    .... “It can’t just be special — it has to be spectacular,” Bob Chapek, Disney’s theme park chairman, said during a hard-hat tour of a 14-acre construction site at Disney World where “Star Wars”-themed rides, shops and restaurants were taking shape. Overhead, crews were sculpting spires designed to look like the petrified remnants of once-towering trees on a distant planet.

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    Disney faces an enviable challenge: Even with steady price increases for peak periods — single-day peak tickets at Disneyland in California now run $135 — visitor interest often exceeds capacity at some properties. “You can only let so many people in a park before you start to impede on satisfaction level,” Mr. Chapek said.

    So Disney’s expansion plan is more ambitious than building a “Black Panther” roller coaster here or introducing an “Incredibles” character there. The goal is transformation — adding significant capacity to Disney’s most popular parks (Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea) and giving others major upgrades (Epcot, Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris) to help attract visitors more evenly throughout the empire.

    Two notes of interest in the article:

    1) Rock 'n' Roller Coaster is listed in the Graphic for Disney's Hollywood Studios as "Re-Themed Roller Coaster" (overhauled).
    2) A reference is made to a Black Panther Roller coaster in the same comment as also appearing to refer to the Incredibles overlay of Pixar Place.

    Connecting the dots, this could; be an indication of a Black Panther overhaul for Rock 'n' Roller Coaster that may have been shared to the press prematurely.

    Rampant internet banter is still not clear if Black Panther is one of the characters Disney can use in their Walt Disney World theme parks, but there have been persistent Rumours that Disney has gone back to the negotiating table with NBC Universal to free up some of the (for practical purposes) unused characters from the current contract.

    Even if the Black Panther comment was for commentary sake only, it seems more concrete that an overhaul of Rock 'n' Roller Coaster is in the works.

    While it wouldn't be the first time a newspaper made an error regarding a Disney theme park (did you know Disneyland is in Florida?), but it is an oddly specific error to make.
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    I have a feeling massive across the board price hikes are in the near future.
    Dave aka: Altair
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    It seems an unusual place for a retheming/choice of theme for the locaton. Not sure how Black Panther really fits in with Sunset Boulevard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Giggy View Post
    It seems an unusual place for a retheming/choice of theme for the locaton. Not sure how Black Panther really fits in with Sunset Boulevard.
    They have already demonstrated they are not going to be constrained by previous theming ideas/concepts.

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    It could be a good move in the fact that newer generations aren't really going to associate with Aerosmith.
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    We been talking about a retheme for RNRC for years... hasn't happened yet, but let's face it, it will happen one day... But Black Panther??? Nah.... Can't be used, that pesky Universal contract and all... In Disneyland, that's a different story...
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