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    Default What is this planning you speak of? Day 5

    This is where my vacation started feeling like it was back on track. I had breakfast at Crystal Palace, so it started feeling like I really was at Disney World.
    Our friendship day celebration started off with me pulling Barksy out of his bag. With everything going on up until this point, I hadn't done much with him. Knowing how much he drives my son crazy though, I had to make sure he accompanied us to breakfast. DS made a big production about groaning that I was crazy with my stuffed dog, but I think he secretly likes the fact that I still make a big tadoo about a stuffed animal that he bought me a few years ago.
    I had my mickey waffles. The characters came around, and I relished every moment of it. This place is so light and airy. I just love the atmosphere. Tigger and Eeyore are always good for a laugh. It is a buffet, so DS eats to his hearts content.
    When I originally thought about this trip, I had decided I was just going to work my way through each of the lands, stopping to take the pictures I wanted, eating whatever I wanted and just doing whatever I wanted. DS is very laidback and really enjoys photography. That idea worked perfectly for him.
    We first went into De Nile. Our skipper was great, and I was excited to see the back side of water. Zambesi Zelda docked just in time for us to get into see the birds sing words and the flowers croon in the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room. After angering the gods, we had a fastpass for a ride on the magic carpets.
    DS didn't want to go on the Magic Carpets of Aladdin at first. He declared it was a kids' ride, and he was afraid it wouldn't hold his weight. I told him that lots of adults take their kids on it, so it would hold his weight. I won out, and we had a fun magic carpet ride. DS still talks about how much the ride groans though. He is much more mechanically inclined that I am, so perhaps Disney should do a little freshening up of this ride.
    After landing in Agrobah, we headed over to Epcot. I don't remember for sure, but I think there was a halloween party at MK that night.
    I have to admit, I was an evil mom at this point. DS was already in the Navy by the time I found out about the Beverly, so he never tried it at Epcot. I had wanted to get everyone to try it at once when we were all there, but I forgot. DS loved his time in Italy, so most of me expected him to already know about it, but he didn't. DS and I posed for a toast with our Beverlies and then I proceeded to video tape his reaction. It was pretty hilarious. Afterwards, he declared that Disney collected all of the lost hopes and dead dreams and somehow turned it into a drink to make the Beverly.
    We went and got a return time for Test Track and then headed towards World Showcase. It was time to eat our way around the world. Then we had to put the brakes on. DS got a call from DDIL. Someone had taken her wallet and was using their cards to make purchases.
    DS banks with USAA. He has always been very happy with them, and they always have commercials on the radio out here about different stories of how the bank took care of their military customers in various crises. I am happy to say that USAA came through in a big way that night. Best Buy did also. Whomever had the wallet tried to use their Discover card to make a $12,000 purchase at Best Buy. (DDIL somehow got an alert about this purchase, which led to her discovering what happened.) Best Buy found something fishy about the whole thing and shut down the transaction until things could be verified. (DS used to work in fraud investigation before he went back to school. He said that Best Buy used to have a huge problem with this, so now their system is very, very picky about purchases.) When DS called Discover, the transaction hadn't even made it to Discover's system, so he knew it was Best Buy that shut it down. Crisis averted, and it was time for Test Track. DS designed the car, and Barksy was very happy to be out of his bag for the test drive. After we passed all the testing, we were starving.
    We headed left around world showcase. My favorite food turned out to be the Hawaiian spam hash, surprisingly. We made our way to France, where Texas211 had dared me to have a citron lemonade drink. Well, I don't drink much, so after a bit of it, I was feeling pretty good. DS had to finish it, and he threatened to leave me to sleep on a bench in Epcot. I pondered how wonderful it would be to wake up in Epcot without anyone else around.
    DS wanted fish and chips, so we headed back across the bridge. Everything was pretty crowded, so we headed to the back where the garden is and found a bench to sit on. The same bench that DS threatened to leave me on. We watched someone people doing a scavenger hunt. It looked like a lot of fun, so I wondered how they went about doing that.
    The rest is kind've a blur, but we somehow made it back to Norway and got schoolbread. I had gotten us fastpasses for Illuminations, but we never figured out where we were supposed to go for them. We found a spot with a low wall (maybe a foot tall) to sit on in order to watch Illuminations. We were at the edge of the Norway pavilion without anyone behind us, so I stood up on the wall to get pictures of Illuminations above everyone's head. Then I promptly fell off the wall. DS got a really good laugh about it. "for your own safety, please remain seated with your arms, hands, feet and legs inside the wall at all times".
    Since I had been drinking, I really had to pee. After Illuminations, I went to the bathroom in Norway. It took me a while, so DS wound up falling asleep on the wall. I guess someone woke him up and asked if he was ok. He was a little disoriented at first, trying to figure out where he was. I think we still both needed a little more rest. lol. When I got back to him, a cast member was leading a large group of people into the norway pavilion. I'm still very curious what that was all about, since the park was closed. I wasn't able to see if they went into the restaurant or onto the ride.

    DS and I headed out, stopping to get some pictures in front of SSE. By that time, the crowds had thinned out, and we got on a tram pretty easily. We both fell asleep pretty quickly that night, even though DS suffers from insomnia.
    Be still and know that I am God - Psalm 46:10

    Stops on my quest to visit all 50 states
    AL, AK, AZ, CA, FL, GA, KS, KY, LA, MS, MO, MT, ND, NJ, NV, NM, NY, NC, ND, OK, OR, PA, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA and WV.

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    Disney should remove Aladdin... Would open up a huge amount of space and make that area less crowded...

    Sounds like you had a great day though!!!
    Son of Jor-El.. Kneel before Zod...

    TRICIA JONES: I heard that you were going to propose to Brandi Svenning at some theme park. When are men going to learn that women want ROMANCE, not Mr. Toad's Wild Ride...

    BRODIE: Hey, now, be fair. EVERYONE wants Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

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    What a busy day!! No wonder you were both so tired at the end of the day!!
    Linda aka: Faline
    INTERCOT Staff: Vacation Planning,Trip Reports and Disney Camping

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