Quantcast Day 6 – Do we relax, or do we join the Rebellion?????
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    Default Day 6 – Do we relax, or do we join the Rebellion?????

    Friday October 26 – This day was our scheduled rest day… I booked breakfast at 1900 Park Fare… We drove over to Grand Floridian, testing the new resort roadway… I think I like the new fly over better…

    The breakfast buffet was delish… Character interaction??? Well… I was a tad disappointed but nothing that made me feel like I lost out… We only saw Alice and Mary Poppins… Pooh came by but didn’t stop… Mad Hatter didn’t make it to our table… My father did say he never feels like he gets hios money’s worth at a buffet because he doesn’t eat a lot… And for sure, neither of us ate 40 dollars worth of food… But we know we are paying for the characters.. And even that, we didn’t get all the characters by our table…

    We left Grand Floridian, and as we were walking back to our car, we saw a horse drawn carriage approaching… it was a bride and groom who JUST got married at the wedding pavilion… We stopped, watched them pass by, congratulated them, and off we went…

    Back at Saratoga Springs, we were reviewing our plans for the day… We did plan on going to Disney Springs for dinner and shopping… I wanted to take a ride on the hot air balloon too.. But first, we decided to just relax… My father walked down to the pool, which was right outside our room… I stayed back a bit to do a wash… I then joined him by the pool… We had a great view of Disney Springs, and of course, the balloon ride wasn’t open… BLAH….

    After a few hours of sitting by the pool, we walked back to the room… My father put on a wash after mine was done, and off to Disney Springs we went… We walked over since we were so close to the walkway…

    First stop, THE VOID!!!! I was mad at myself for not doing this in April, but it was for the best… Being alone would have been AWKWARD to say the least… We checked in, got our mission, got suited up, and we were off to help the rebellion…. The Void is AWESOME!!! Weird too… Let me see if I can explain how this works… After signing a waiver, yes you have to sign a waiver, you are led into the mission room.. There you are briefed as to what the mission you are to complete and choose the color of your Stormtrooper gear… you are next led to the equipment room… Here a Void employee fits you for a vest and VR helmet… Oh yea, I forgot to mention, the Void is a virtual reality experience… Once fitted for vest and VR helmet, you are taken to the next room where they make sure you are ready.. They test to make sure you can see your VR goggles screen clearly… Once they make sure you can hear each other and can see clearly, the mission starts… You start in one room where you sit down and a spaceship transporter brings you into Empire territory, I want to say on Mustafar…. You are spies, blending in with the empire since you are stormtroopers… Of course, things go wrong, you grab your gun, and you start bl;asting troopers who are now aware of your presence… You move from room to room… In each room you have to kill all the enemies, one of them a lava monster… Another room you have to follow a code in order to get into the next… The final room you face Darth Vader but before he kill you, the rebellion saves you, last second… And your mission is complete… You secured the part the rebellion was looking for… SUCCESS!!! The employees them make sure you are OK, you take a picture in your Void gear, then the employees help you remove everything… You can buy the picture upon exiting the maze, back in the lobby… Over all I loved it… My father enjoyed it… This is something I would do again.. And yes, I bought the picture…

    Dinner was booked for 8:00 at Maria and Enzo’s, so we started heading that way… We arrived 30 minutes early for our ADR, but that was not a problem, they seated us right away… Very nice inside, classy… The hosts were dressed like flight attendants… The inside reminded me of a hanger or airport… We had a table by the window so I was able to see up close the hot air balloon, which did not ruin all day due to the wind, from what I was told… And the food… oh the food was the best meal of the week… I highly recommend Maria and Enzo’s… HIGHJLY RECOMMEND!!! In fact, I would totally dine there alone in May and I wouldn’t care!!!

    After eating, we walked more of Disey Springs, back toward World of Disney… We stopped at Ghirardelli for our free piece of chocolate, and my father wound up buying from for his cousin, his friend, and himself… We then went to World of Disney, and man, do I love what they did with the store…. Despite being crowded, it didn’t really feel it… I love the new look, the lay out… Everything about it… This was a makeover that was needed a long time ago.. They did not disappoint at all…

    After getting what we wanted to buy in WoD, we decided to call it a day… We knew we had another MK day coming up on Saturday, so we wanted to get back to the room to watch TV, finish our laundry, and get to bed… Before leaving Disney Springs, I did stop in the Star Wars store for a few minutes, but I didn’t buy anything… We made our way back to Saratoga via the walk way, back to our room, and there we called it a night….

    Day 7 – Old Friends and happily ever after coming up…
    Son of Jor-El.. Kneel before Zod...

    TRICIA JONES: I heard that you were going to propose to Brandi Svenning at some theme park. When are men going to learn that women want ROMANCE, not Mr. Toad's Wild Ride...

    BRODIE: Hey, now, be fair. EVERYONE wants Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

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    Sounds like a great day all around. I've been trying to build up the nerve to do the hot air balloon. I was going to do it this trip until my son talked me into going for the helicopter ride.
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    Sorry you missed out on the hot air balloon ride but it still sounds like it was a very lovely day!!!
    Linda aka: Faline
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