Hi! we are about a month away from our first Universal Orlando trip. My son is on the Autism spectrum, milk and egg allergies, and an extremely finicky eater. Basically he will only eat chicken nuggets or tenders (not even French Fries!!). I've been in touch with Chef Bob and frankly am getting no where. Their nuggets have dairy in them. That's all I could get out of him and I think he's shut me out as I keep trying to reach out to him and get nothing back. It's so easy at Disney but I am struggling to figure out what and where he can eat. Do you know if the sit down restaurants in the parks and hotels will make him something specific. It says on the website that there are chefs that can accommodate but I'm getting nervous. I've also called the general customer support number and they are really trying to help but in the end they tell me they leave a message with Chef Bob (who probably has hundreds of messages - how they expect one person to handle all dietary restriction questions is crazy). Anyone have any experience with this here?