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Thread: Epcot for 2019

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    Question Epcot for 2019

    We will be returning in 2019 after a four-year hiatus from Disney (Yeah!) and I was wondering what to expect from Epcot. I hear my absolute favorite nighttime fireworks show, Illuminations: Reflections of Earth, will be ending before I arrive. So sad to hear that. What other changes can I expect to find? Is the Ellen ride still there? Or has something replaced that? Will there be another attraction in France? Has Off Kilter returned? Or is the chainsaw-and-axe show still going? It there anything in the "Honey, I Shrunk The Audience" theatre going on now? Last time, it was Michael Jackson.
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    We were there this past August. The Energy pavilion is closed, and was a shell of its former self, being redesigned as part of the new Guardians of the Galaxy attraction. The new France attraction is under construction. No sign of Off-Kilter, but no chainsaws either. They have a new musical group. The Honey I shrunk the Audience theater has been showing a group of short films from Pixar - things they developed over the years while trying out new technology and new animation approaches. They also had a Mickey cartoon that merged old, 2D black and white footage with 3D color footage - pretty well done.
    Latest reports are that Spaceship Earth will close for refurbishment in early 2020, so you should get to see that one last time.
    Oh - and the skyway construction is well underway, with a station at International gateway. When we were there, the poles looked ready, but the stations still needed some work. There were no cables in place at that time. We will be down again in a month or so, and I am curious to see what progress they have made.
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    pretty well covers it. I arrive Oct 30 and Epcot is my fav. Maelstrom is gone, replace by Froxen ride...I have not been on it in protest of them closing Maelstrom, but I may go on it this trip. some of the live acts are gone. the Chinese acrobats have a new group. There was a different group in England.
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    Also travelling there in 2019 - February.
    When will Illuminations fireworks officially end in Epcot?
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    Don't forget that Soarin' has a different film and new(er) theater as well. It has more CGI in it (though it is really well done), but it shows scenes from all over the world. I like it fine, though I miss Soarin' over California. One of the scenes is a nighttime scene in Paris where you fly up the Eiffel Tower, and I think that it looks really weird unless you're in the middle section of seats. From the sides, the tower curves horribly on the screen, and it messes up the effect.

    I think everything else was covered. There have been some minor changes, such as Mitsukoshi has been remodeled, and Morocco added that new restaurant on the lake (has that been there longer than four years?)
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