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    Default Late August Trip to the World

    Me, DW, 2DSí(19&16)and older DSí GF who came in for a few from school. Eight days at BC 8/22-8/29. A quick summary to follow(typed in a detailed account but the site made me sign back in ? and the post was el gonno) soooo....

    ACCOMMODATIONS - The BC was fantastic as expected. 3rd floor room, view of the pool, stairwell just around the corner. No issues with room or service. Next to the POLY this is our go-to resort. Poked around the YC and found it well themed but a bit to highbrow. Of course if I HAD to stay there 😉

    DINING - Out of pocket vs meal plan - we do save some $$ but told the DW going forward we will do more reasonable meals ($$$) as apposed to Ohanas/CM Buffet/50ís PT/LTT which was this trip....just ridiculously pricey for whatís in front of you. Will choose 1 or 2 and then Ďwing ití rest of trip. Beaches & Cream/ESPN/Satul ĎI Canteen at AK we also did and had good grub at good prices. Even my Backscratcher cocktail and a beer at the temporary Tambu Lounge at POLY was 20 bucks....ehhh. Also missed grabbing an adult dole whip and turkey leg on my travels. 😕

    ATTRACTIONS - hit up all 4 parks, Blizzard Beach and Disney Springs. Only real new ride from last trip was the Slinky Coaster - big hit! Enough dips and drops to keep everyone smiling. Blizzard Beach - one word (well two): Summit Plummet! The best 5 second ride you will ever do! Redesigned Disney Springs was OK - kind of like an upscale version of the outlet stores back home. The DSí picked up some new sunglasses and another cool (read reasonable) food spot we will revisit was Chicken Guy - simple choices but reallly tasty lunch. And like last year we again failed to hit up the speedboats and a round of mini golf. Oh well.

    MISCELLAENEOUS - Weather was hot. Followed by daily downpours. And then hot again. Overall we managed fine except for when me and the older DS became trapped at the boat launch heading back to the resort from HS. Boats had stopped running, the skies opened up big time AND 20-25 of us were under the little covered area moving from side to side as the winds pushed the Tsunami rains back and forth. Finally got to the busses after about 45 minutes. Speaking of Transportation it was fine - mostly busses for us - with a few monorail trips(of course!) and a very confused Uber driver who had no clue how to get to the POLY from BC. CMís were great and our fellow guests were well behaved as well.

    Overall, we enjoyed ourselves a lot as next year we are planning a Euro trip so WDW may have to wait for us awhile....so Iím sure new adventures await for next time!!
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    glad you had an overall good time
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    Nice trip!! Florida weather has been very hot and has not yet cooled down.
    Linda aka: Faline
    INTERCOT Staff: Vacation Planning,Trip Reports and Disney Camping

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