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    Default Solo in September - Day 7

    Fri, Sep 7
    FP+ 1 = Living with the Land 11:40-12:40pm
    FP+ 2 = Soarin' 12:40-1:40pm
    FP+ 3 = None
    ADR = Ragland Road 6:30pm

    Annnnnd last day.

    Went to MK for EMH at 8am. Took the monorail instead of walking over. Arrived at exactly 8am. Did a quick circle of the park hitting all my favorites (that didn't have long wait times): Buzz Lightyear, Space Mountain, Winnie the Pooh, Little Mermaid, Small World, Haunted Mansion, and Pirates. Didn't go into any shops or explore or anything. I was pretty MK'd out by this point as I had been 3 other times this trip. I left around 10:30am.

    Monorailed over to Epcot (annoyingly they didn't let anyone on the express at this time; everyone going to Epcot had to use the resort monorail. Is this a new policy? I now I've hopped from MK to EP in the morning before). It wasn't so much the extra stop at Contemporary that I minded; it's that the express is a faster transfer to Epcot and I was tired!

    By the time I arrived and got through bag check (and this was the second time I entered Epcot through the front this trip and both times the bag check here was wayyyyy worse than any other park, why is that?) it was around 11:15am. I headed straight to Sunshine Seasons. I had one CS left but wanted a lighter lunch cause I also had 6 snack credits to use up. Got the salmon plate, which was delicious.

    Sat at my table until 15 minutes before my FP+ for Land was going to expire. Rode Land and Soarin' back-to-back. Grabbed a large water from Sunshine Seasons before heading over to Figment, and then Test Track.

    Headed into the World Showcase and got a short rib tostada from the Mexico booth (I really liked it!), and then purchased a bottle of Diet Coke with cash (I like my snack credits to be at least $4). Rode Gran Fiesta Tour.

    In Germany I purchased a dark chocolate sea salt caramel. Soooooo good!

    When I got to American Adventure it was 10 minutes until the next showing so I stopped for the show. I may or may not have dozed off during it.

    Continuing the showcase, I just walked slowly and checked out the France ice cream and bakery shops. Didn't buy anything. Wandered the UK pavilion too.

    Decided to use one last snack credit on some Canadian cheddar cheese soup. I wasn't really that hungry but I still had 4 credits to burn and had been hearing about this soup for years and hadn't ever had it. It was very good. Reminds me of the broccoli cheddar soup I always get from Panera Bread, but with bacon instead of broccoli. And let's be real: I just wanted the pretzel roll.

    I think it was a bit after 4pm at this point? I wandered through Mouse Gears and bought a pair of pajama pants.

    And then for my final ride of the trip I rode Spaceship Earth (I think it was the 4th time this trip?). It was my first ride of the trip, and my last.

    Took a bus directly to Disney Springs. Bus was waiting when I arrived but was standing room only. My first standing room bus this trip. I was so sore and tired by the time we got to DS that I immediately found a chair in the shade and sat for 20 minutes, lol.

    At 5:30pm I started just wandering around. I visited the Marketplace and Town Center the day before so I went over the west side. Checked into Ragland Road 15 min early and was seated right at 6:30 (my ADR time). Fantastic meal! I've been here before. My one and only little 'complaint' was my food came out like 2 minutes after ordering (I got the braised beef). I would have liked a bit more time to enjoy the bread but what can ya do? I ate (nearly) every bite. Got the bread pudding for dessert, which normally isn't my thing, but my dad and I got it last year and it's seriously amazing. I didn't eat it all but what I did it was supurb.

    Was too tired to explore any more of DS after dinner so went back to the bus. It arrived just as I did (yay!) but there was a really long line (cause it's shared with 2 other resorts) so I had to stand again. I didn't cry but I was tempted.

    Back to Contemprary I did one last spin through the shops and used 1 of my remaining 3 snack credits on a Minnie's cookie to take home. The last 2 I'll use tomorrow morning for a coffee and pastry at Contemporary Grounds.

    And that's all folks! This was a great trip despite my exhaustion and aching feet. Just gotta pace myself next time. My DME bus picks me up at 7:30am and it's now after 10pm so I should probably get some rest. I already packed up my clothes before sitting down to write this so the morning won't be too crazy.

    I'm sad the vacation is over but happy to get home to my kitties. Definitely NOT happy to go back to work...!!!!!

    Hope you enjoyed my ramblings! Look for a recap tomorrow.

    Sep18 - Contemporary
    Oct17 - Offsite
    Sep16 - POFQ
    Sep15 - Poly
    Sep14 - Disneyland
    Sep13 - Beach Club
    Oct11 - POR
    Sep10 - CBR
    Sep09 - POP
    Sep08 - WL Villas
    Sep07 - POR
    Feb95 - WL
    Jun90 - GF
    Aug86 - Big Red Boat

    Plus Disneyland (x3) and Offsite (x5)

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    I’ve enjoyed your trip reports! Have a safe journey home.
    All Star Sports-Hurricane Jeanne & Old Key West-2004
    All Star Movie, Old Key West, Coronado Spring-2005
    Wilderness Lodge-Club Level-2007
    All-Star Movies-November 2008
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    Read every one of your reports. Enjoyed them all. I too did the World on a solo trip. It is a "relaxing" way of visiting. I'm hungry-ok go eat. I want to ride this-ok go. This shop looks interesting-just go in. The only thing I don't like when solo is when I am in a line for a ride.
    First visit 1976
    Offsite 1982/1985/2000
    Disneyland July 1996
    AKL 2002
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    Contemporary Sept 2006/Nov 2014
    Port Orleans-Riverside Sept 2008
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    Port Orleans-FQ-Nov 2012
    Paradise Pier-DLH DL 2013/2015/2017 and D-23 Expo
    Port Orleans-Riverside July 2014

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    You had a great solo trip. Now it's time to kick back and relax with those kitties.
    Be still and know that I am God - Psalm 46:10

    Stops on my quest to visit all 50 states
    AL, AK, AZ, CA, FL, GA, KS, KY, LA, MS, MO, MT, ND, NJ, NV, NM, NY, NC, ND, OK, OR, PA, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA and WV.

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    It was certainly a wonderful trip!! Thanks for sharing it with us!! Now...I guess you'll have to start planning the next one!!
    Linda aka: Faline
    INTERCOT Staff: Vacation Planning,Trip Reports and Disney Camping

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