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    Default Solo in September - Day 6

    Thu, Sep 6
    FP+ 1 = Flight of Passage 2:55-3:55pm
    FP+ 2 = Safari 3:55-4:55pm
    FP+ 3 = Dinosaur 4:55-5:55pm
    ADR = The Wave 7:30am
    ADR = Yak & Yeti 6:15pm

    Time is ticking away!

    Got up way earlier than I wanted for my breakfast ressie. But it was worth it! I don't now if I'd travel to the Contemporary just for breakfast at The Wave, but when staying here it was super convenient and really good. I know some naysayers say not to "waste" a DDP credit on breakfast, but meh. It was so good! Definitely higher quality than most breakfast buffets. I especially liked the smoked salmon and deviled eggs. And of course I had two Mickey waffles.

    I made the decision to not do a park this morning. Was way too tired and feet too blistered. I instead went back up to my room after breakfast and rested until 9:30am. Then I headed to the buses to go to Disney Springs, which I hadn't been to yet this trip.

    Arrived right at 10. Walked to the Rainforest Cafe end of the Marketplace so I could work my way around. I mostly just browsed all the Disney shops, finally getting to World of Disney.

    What a disappointment.

    I usually look forward to this shop but the construction (which I wasn't aware of) rendered this place to no bigger than your average park store. Plus what are they doing with the redecorating??? I LOVED how it was so Disney inside that store, with all the 'stuff' going on on the celing. Now it's brown and bland and boring. This is what they imagine the 'world's largest Disney store?!?!?!?!?' I just don't get it. It actually made me really sad.

    Anyhow... I continued my tour around the Springs, just wandering and enjoying being there during daytime for once. I'm usually only there in the evening. It was easier to navigate when light, especially with so much new stuff coming up over the past year.

    I left the Springs around 11:30am. Went up to my room, grabbed my leftover pizza from Via Napoli the night before, as well as the half eaten peanut butter pie and my refillable mug, and went back down to Contempo Cafe to eat lunch. I would have eaten in my room but I wanted the free soda. I normally don't even use the refillable mugs but this was a good opportunity.

    Lunch done, I went back up but my room still hadn't been cleaned so I didn't want to lay down or anything cause I could see they were in nearby rooms. I just rested a bit, re-bandaged my feet, and then left for AK around 2:15pm.

    Timing worked out perfectly: a huge storm came rolling through during the bus ride, but was gone by the time I was at AK. Everything was soaking wet but skies were clearing. Also my timing was perfect cause I got to FOP right at exactly 2:55pm, my FP+ time. This was my third time riding (in total) and it definitely isn't getting old.

    Skipped Na'vi River Journey cause I didn't want to wait 60 min. Was hot and thirsty so got a Dole Whip in Africa and sat for a bit before going on Safari.

    I then wanted to finally go to Rafiki's Planet Watch, but I missed the last train! They stop running at 4:30 and it was 4:45 when I got there. Ooops! Maybe next year?!?

    Decided to skip EE cause I wasn't in the mood for thrills. Cut across the Asia bridge to Discover Island to shortcut to Dinoland and rode Dinosaur with my final FP+ (wasn't needed there was no one in line, lol).

    I had an hour to kill before dinner and I litterally killed it. Was too tired, hot, sweaty, and sore to do the Maharaji Jungle Trek so I sat at a table at the Yak & Yeti counter service and just rested and used my phone for a while.

    Dinner at Yak & Yeti (my first time there) was amazing. Great server (from Long Island, near where I live!) and the food was excellent. I was going to get either the ribs or chicken tikka masala, but I actually got the 14oz ribeye. Soooo good! And the pineapple upside down cake I got for dessert was the first dessert I've finished this entire trip, it was THAT good.

    Left AK after dinner and got back to Contemporary around 8pm. Wandered the shops, bought a t-shirt, and then back to my room for Happily Ever After from my balcony. This time I didn't have my phone in hand; I just sat back and enjoyed.

    Tomorrow is my last full day! Gearing up for MK EMH in the morning, Epcot in the afternoon, and back to DS for dinner.

    Sep18 - Contemporary
    Oct17 - Offsite
    Sep16 - POFQ
    Sep15 - Poly
    Sep14 - Disneyland
    Sep13 - Beach Club
    Oct11 - POR
    Sep10 - CBR
    Sep09 - POP
    Sep08 - WL Villas
    Sep07 - POR
    Feb95 - WL
    Jun90 - GF
    Aug86 - Big Red Boat

    Plus Disneyland (x3) and Offsite (x5)

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    Your poor feet! Glad you liked Yak and Yeti, I haven't eaten there in a number of years but always enjoyed it. I am tempted to try Tiffin's my next trip.
    Last Trip: July 2015 Birthday trip - Disneyland! April 2016 - Disneyland!! INTERCOT 20th Anniversary Meet October 2017!
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    You will need a rest day after your vacation.
    Be still and know that I am God - Psalm 46:10

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    That Ribeye was one of the best things we had on the last trip, I had ordered something I was disappointed in but luckily DH shared his with me
    Janet, aka JanetMegan

    Scrapbooking-There is a fine line between a mental illness and a hobby.

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    Despite being tired and having sore feet, you still kept trooping along and covered quite a lot of ground!! Sounds like you had some good dining on this day!!
    Linda aka: Faline
    INTERCOT Staff: Vacation Planning,Trip Reports and Disney Camping

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    I'm doing yak and yeti for first time in December, so based on your review in looking forward to it. How was party of 1 seating for you???

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