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    Default Solo in September - Day 1

    Sat, Sep 1
    FP+ 1 = Spaceship Earth 3:30-4:30pm
    FP+ 2 = Soarin' 4:30-5:30pm
    FP+ 3 = Living with the Land 5:30-6:30pm
    ADR = Biergarten 7pm

    Let the trip begin!

    Travel day went smooth as silk. I had a 10:23am flight at an airport about 45 minutes from my parent's house, which is about 25 minutes from my house. I drove myself to their house and they took me the airport. I got them fresh bagels for breakfast plus a bottle of wine to thank them. My parents also agreed to go to my house every day during my vacation to take care of my 16-month-old cats (I mentioned in my pre-trip that my old cat died. I then adopted kittens shortly after).

    Anyhow, flight was on time and arrived about 30 min early. I decided not to use the ME luggage tags so collected my own bag. That all worked out well, even though I was on "A" side and had to get back up and over to the "B" side. Checked into DME, walked right onto the bus, and then we waited for maybe 15 minutes for the bus to fill up. Contemporary was the 3rd stop after Wilderness Lodge and Bay Lake Tower. I landed around 12:45pm and was walking into the Contemporary before 2:30pm.

    I did regular check-in and was pleased my room was ready. And not only that, but all 3 of my requests were granted! High level floor (11th), over the shops as opposed to the restaurants (yep), and an odd-numbered room (yep again!).

    I was stunned by the view when I walked in! Wow wow wow. This is not something I'll do often so I'm definitely savoring it. I'm also impressed by the size of the room. And the Contemporary has more toiletries than other deluxe resorts I've stayed at. Besides just shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and soap, there's also mouth wash, after-burn, a shower cap, and q-tips. Only thing missing is a couple of bathrobes! But seriously the room is great. Only complaint is lack of bathroom counter space, but I already knew about that from reviews. I have all my stuff in one of the sinks.

    Anyhow, I quickly unpacked and headed out to Epcot at exactly 3:15pm. For the price difference of a 6-day pass and a 7-day pass, might as well go in that extra day! But ugh, I didn't factor in just how long it takes to get to Epcot from Contemporary. Between switching monorails and then the ridiculous lines at bag check, I was walking through the gates at 4:05pm.

    Spaceship Earth is a first ride tradition for me. Did that with my FP+, then went to Nemo, which was a walk-on. Nemo broke down for about 10 min while on it so by the time I was entering the Land Pavilion it was just before 5pm. Rode Soarin' with FP+ and then had 10 min to spare before my 5:30pm Land FP+. I used that time to get a large water from Sunshine Seasons and sit for minute. Rode Land and then went to Figment, also a walk-on.

    By this time it was just about 6pm and I had a 7pm ressie for Biergarten. I was STARVING but resisted the Food & Wine booths as I entered the World Showcase. Decided to go counter-clockwise since I had an hour to kill.

    Ugh, I didn't take into account the crowds the first Saturday of the festival. It was so uncomfortablely crowded. I went into a few shops but didn't buy anything. Just dodged all the people.

    Checked into Biergarten at like 6:45pm and was seated quickly. My tablemates and I didn't really interact. One family of four with slightly older kids (I'd say maybe 9 and 12?) and a family of 3 with a young kid (like 5?). The food was great. This is one of my favorite buffets. Pro tip: get a sausage of your choice with some mustard and/or sauerkraut. Get a pretzel roll. Turn it into a sandwich. You're welcome.

    I was there for about an hour and left before my tablemates. Was exhausted from traveling so made my way out of the park. I thought for a second of going on Test Track when I passed it but didn't. Was too full to risk it, lol.

    The trek back to Contemporary was... miserable. The monorails were PACKED. And again, I forgot how much of a paint it is! Get all the way to TTC, and then exit all the way down the ramp, go back up again, wait for another monorail, and then the Contemporary is the last stop. It took 1 hour from the time I left Epcot to get back. I'm starting to see the value of a $25 Minnie Van, not gonna lie. Only highlight was Happily Ever After started while on the monorail so it was nice to see.

    Anyhow, got back to the resort and went immediately to the Market cause I like to eat breakfast in the room. Grabbed a loaf of whole wheat bread, peanut butter, and jelly. I usually do a bag of bagels and cream cheese but decided on PB&J instead. Plus a couple of waters and Diet Coke. Then I grabbed my refillable mug (which I'll never use...) from Contempo Cafe (plus I 'stole' some plates, knives, and Splenda for the room). And then finally, off to bed.

    Day 2 coming up!

    Sep18 - Contemporary
    Oct17 - Offsite
    Sep16 - POFQ
    Sep15 - Poly
    Sep14 - Disneyland
    Sep13 - Beach Club
    Oct11 - POR
    Sep10 - CBR
    Sep09 - POP
    Sep08 - WL Villas
    Sep07 - POR
    Feb95 - WL
    Jun90 - GF
    Aug86 - Big Red Boat

    Plus Disneyland (x3) and Offsite (x5)

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    I bet you were exhausted, but it was still a great day.
    Be still and know that I am God - Psalm 46:10

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    Travel days are always tiring!! Weekends during Food & Wine can make getting around World Showcase quite difficult. Too bad your table mates didn't interact with you - it makes it so much more fun when they do!!
    Linda aka: Faline
    INTERCOT Staff: Vacation Planning,Trip Reports and Disney Camping

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    Aw you needed an Uber badly!!
    Janet, aka JanetMegan

    Scrapbooking-There is a fine line between a mental illness and a hobby.

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    Hi, sounds great. I am super curious about the thought process about your room choice. Odd number room, room over shops.?

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    A fellow party of 1 Disney fan. Enjoyed your story.

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