Were there any other Intercot/DVC members at last Wednesday's (15-Aug-2018) Moonlight Magic at Epcot? If so, then had you been before?

It was really steamy, even at like 10:00 pm, but we'll take that out of the equation. I realize it is central Florida in August, but we never got that afternoon rain to cool things off a bit.

Check in was easy. Getting a free quick service meal vs. just a snack was nice. The event itself was nice and certainly a great perk as "free." Free of course based on our annual dues.

However, I was surprised that the entire park wasn't open. Only the GFT in Mexico and FEA in Norway were open in WS. All the attractions were open for FW. Waits for FEA and TT were generally 40 to 60 minutes so that was disappointing. Waits at Friday's MNSHP were all lower times, at least half that of the DVC event.

We would have liked to have been able to do more shopping. Additionally, with only the Electric Umbrella and Sunshine Seasons open for food, drinks and snacks it was a bit disappointing. They did offer the free Mickey bars and cups of water from thermoses, but we only saw one station. So with it being so hot we would have gladly paid for a bottle of water.

Having said all that, I would definitely go back if we were in town when these events occurred. I would certainly just adjust my expectations and come prepared.