We are still relative newbies to DVC (less than 5 years), but we are excited to take part in our first member event.

I remember way back in '99 doing our very first MNSHP and thinking how awesome it was. The price was relatively reasonable (it was actually an outside group, maybe Ticketmaster, that managed the admissions) and the crowds weren't too heavy. We've gone back twice for MNSHP and twice for MNSCP but didn't get the same vibe and definitely left like the crowds were higher, thereby making it a less premium event.

That's supply and demand I guess, but I'm just curious what we should expect. The night that we are attending is sold out, but are the crowds low enough to make it feel intimate? We're not expecting any special treatment, plus I realize this is a "free" event. However, I'm just wondering if anyone walked out thinking, "Wow, what a great perk for being part of DVC!"