Rose and Crown has always been our go to place whenever we are in EPCOT. They had a great steak and we always managed to get reservations later in the evening so we can get a great viewing spot for Illuminations. So it was in our plans to eat there for our upcoming trip in August and we scored a pretty good dinner time which would allow us to see Illuminations from their great location. Then we saw they changed the menu and they eliminated the steak. The fish and chips are good but my wife and daughters either donít like fish or will not eat fatty or fried food. The steak was pretty much it.
Now weíre not sure if we want to keep the reservation and attempt to try something else on the menu which chances are they wonít like or try another restaurant with a decent view. We are looking at possibly trying La Hacienda de San Angel. We looked at the menu and there is steak on the menu. So does anyone know if itís possible to view Illuminations here like you can at the Rose and Crown?