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    Default Barksy's Most Expensive Day Ever Day 4

    Barsky - Golden Retriever pup extraordinaire
    Christi - my human
    Aaron - my human's friend and shaman in World of Warcraft

    Hello again people!

    I thought my human would never get back home from work with her computer, so that I could continue telling everyone about our amazing trip! Now she is peacefully slumbering away, and I can continue regaling you with our travels. Now where were we?

    Let's see - My human's insane driving, the Beverly, convincing Flynn Rider to get a dog, meeting Groot and Star Lord, ah yes! We were on Tuesday - The Magic Kingcom.

    My human was up early this morning. She kept saying we were having Pooh for breakfast. I know humans don't normally eat that kind of stuff, but dogs consider it a delicacy sometimes. I was excited to see what she was excited about. Aaron, on the other hand, had stayed up way too late watching movies and didn't want to budge. We finally got him up and moving. We had to drive somewhere called the TTC, then take a boat across the water to get to the gate to get into Magic Kingdom. It took a lot longer than we had anticipated, and we wound up being 30 minutes late to our reservation. The lady at Crystal Palace was very kind and got us in anyway.

    We didn't wait very long before they called us, and the cast member who took us to our table was so cute and kind that my human got a picture of her. She stayed and talked to us for a few minutes about her time working at Disneyland also.

    As we entered the restaurant, it was bright, cheerful and had an uplifting feeling to it. Aaron commented on how much he enjoyed the atmosphere before we even sat down at the table. Our server quickly came to get our drink orders and then we were off to the buffet. I was a tad disappointed when I didn't see any pooh. My human laughed at me and explained that Winnie the Pooh was a character, not something we were eating. To cheer me up, she got me TWO Mickey waffles! We also had eggs with bell peppers and onions, strawberries, bacon and another mickey waffle. Aaron had biscuits and gravy, breakfast pizza, bacon, eggs and more eggs and more eggs.

    Piglet appeared first. I was a little concerned that he didn't seem to recognize the danger of being a pig around so much bacon. I didn't want to spoil his innocence though. Next was Eeyore. Eeyore covered up my humans face with his ear during a picture. What a practical joker! While we were eating seconds, Aaron saw Tigger across the room. He explained "I never knew Tigger was SO ORANGE!." That caused my human to laugh at random times throughout the day. Tigger soon arived at our table and gave me a ride around on his head. Pooh was the last one. He was looking for honey, but I did not have any. After we took some pictures, he went on his way to find a honey pot.

    When my human realized we wouldn't make our fastpass at Pirates of the Caribbean, she had changed the time to later. When we got done eating, it wasn't quite time for us to visit the 999 Happy Haunts, so we wandered over to Seven Dwarves Mine Train to get a return time. Then we browsed in Memento Mori. Finally, it was our time to meet our ghost host. I didn't want to choose his way out of the elevator, so we all shuffled through the door that opened.

    When the crypt goes creak,
    And the tombstones quake.
    Spooks come out for a swinging wake.
    Happy haunts materialize,
    And begin to vocalize.
    Grim grinning ghosts come out to socialize.

    We walked up and down M.C. Escher's staircase. Madame Leota called in the spirits, and we danced with them. I was surprised to see another dog in the graveyard. Then a ghost decided to follow us home!

    When we exited Haunted Mansion, it was time to go to work with the Dwaves. Heigh ho Heigh ho. It's off to work we go. We all sang along. We even got a cute picture of my human and I.

    Aaron tried to pull the sword out of the stone - unsuccessfully. Then we went to see Mickey's Philharmagic. Donald should learn how to stay out of trouble, but the apple pie smells delightful. After Mickey got the orchestra under control again, we went to go embark on our jungle cruise. The fastpass wait time was 2 hours! My human was in "De Nile" and decided to come back to the Jungle Cruise closer to the end of our fastpass window to see if the wait changed any. (arff, arff, arff, arff. I crack myself up.) It was still an hour long when we returned, so we did not get to see the back side of water.

    It was almost time for our trip to the Caribbean, but we went to Splash Mountain to get a return time first. The return time system was down at Splash Mountain, so we walked over to Big Thunder. Their system was down also. We wound up with paper ticket return times for both of them.

    As we started walking back, the skies opened up. Rain was POURING down. Suddenly there was a bright flash of lightning followed immediately by a loud clap of thunder. My human hurried us into Pecos Bill's. Aaron and I were confused, because we normally just kept going through the rain. My human explained how the amount of time it takes from the flash of lightning to the sound of thunder can give you an idea of how close the lightning is. In this case, there had been less than a second between the two of them. Later on, we found out that the Boardwalk had to be evacuated due to a lightning striking there. I was like "Whoa! We were just there yesterday!"

    We wandered along the buildings of Frontierland and eventually wound up in the Country Bear Jamboree lobby. My human couldn't bring herself to go in and watch the show though. The lightning and thunder got farther and farther apart, and the island sounds were calling us. We tried to dash from Country Bear Jamboree to Pirates of the Caribbean. The downpour was still too much though, so we ducked in to hear the birds sing words and the flowers croon in the Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki room. This was one of my Grandpaw's favorites when he would take my human to Disneyland during her puppyhood. Apparently it wasn't as traumatizing to her as Country Bear Jamboree was.

    Our celebrations angered the gods and the storm was raging even more. Then the lady birds sang and calmed them down. When we exited the room, it was still raining, but not as badly. We got in line to board our boat to the Caribbean. There was a problem though, and we had to wait at the front of the line. My human got tired and sat on the ground. When things were up and running, the cast member made sure she was able to get up ok and led us to a different ramp to get on the boat. He explained that when it rains, this ride and Haunted Mansion get inundated with people trying to avoid getting wet. Then it stresses the system. Dead men tell no tales, tales, tales, tales. Ah but they do tell tales. Davey Jones appeared in the mist, and then we were firing at will! Carlos didn't tell where Captain Jack Sparrow was and the redhead wasn't up for sale any more. My human grudgingly admitted that Disney did a pretty good job of making her character into one that would have fit into the Pirates movies. She still isn't happy that they changed it though. All too soon, we were wondering why the rum was gone and exited into a shop in Tortuga.

    It was still raining, so we browsed the pirate options, and I met a new parrot friend. As my human was taking a picture of us together, a hand reached out of the door and dognapped me! I was trapped in the Pirate's League! I could hear my human yelling that they were supposed to be pirates, not Cruella DeVil.

    I was quickly inducted into the Pirate's League, given a compass and treasure map and then wrapped into paper secured with eyepatches before being given back to my human. Another pirate was admiring my human's Merida bag as we were walking away. The scoundrel who took me also came out and snagged the bag. By then, we were all laughing. The female pirate gave us the bag back and we decided to get out of there while we still had everything.

    The rain had died down to a manageable level, so we went to the Haunted Mansion to get a return time. It was one of Aaron's favorite rides. The return time system was still down, so the cast member told us to go in then. My human still hadn't gotten a hold of our death certificates, so another ghost decided to follow us home. We weren't going home though.

    It was still raining, but there wasn't any lightning or thunder. We went back to Splash Mountain. We were already soaked, so what difference did it make, right? Splash Mountain had been shut down when the lightning started, and it remained closed. Big Thunder was still closed too.

    Aaron had wanted to get his hair cut, and we needed to pick up some postcards. My human decided to head back up Main St, stop at the barbershop, and she would shop while he got his haircut. Then we would head back to the resort with plans to return for the fireworks. Haircut - check. Postcards - check. Stamps - check. Return for fireworks - Nope.

    It continued to rain. My human wasn't even sure if they would put on the fireworks show, and it wasn't Wishes. She wasn't too motivated to go see it. Plus they had blisters, soaking wet shoes, the balcony was quite relaxing and a hot bubble bath sounded amazing.

    My human noticed the evening pattern and opted to cancel the Tusker House Rivers of Light dining package that she had booked for Thursday before heading to sleep.
    Be still and know that I am God - Psalm 46:10

    Stops on my quest to visit all 50 states
    AL, AK, AZ, CA, FL, GA, KS, KY, LA, MS, MO, MT, ND, NJ, NV, NM, NY, NC, ND, OK, OR, PA, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA and WV.

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    You did it again, Barksy!!! Now I have GGG running through my head -- non-stop!!!!! Did you know that all the music in The Haunted Mansion is just variations of GGG?!?!?!?!?!!!!

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    Thanks again Barksy for transporting me to the magic!
    There's a great big beautiful tomorrow!

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    What a good day you managed to have, even with all of the rain. Your human is smart ... better to be safe with lightening.
    Heather aka ibelieveindisneymagic
    INTERCOT Staff: Vacation Planning, Nightlife, Shopping & Waterparks, Collectibles

    Engaged at the castle!
    My Disney Home is POFQ

    Upcoming: Cuba Cruise & Disney October 2018

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    You managed a full Magic Kingdom day even with the storms that came through!!
    Linda aka: Faline
    INTERCOT Staff: Vacation Planning,Trip Reports and Disney Camping

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