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Thread: AKLVs WL

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    Default AKLVs WL

    Family of 7 going for 6 days. Should we do 2bedroom villa at wilderness lodge or two standard rooms at AKL. I am taking all 5 of my grandsons ages 3 to 12. We like to come back and use pools in the afternoon and then go back to park around 5.
    Thank you !

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    I'm not sure what the 2 bedroom villa contains - but I wonder which option is more convenient. Does hte villa have a bathroom plus a powder room? If so, I really like that set up - it feels more "homey" especially with kids. If NOT the two standard room is nice for the 2 bathrooms. Aside from that, it is TOTALLY theming, because they have all the same amenities and level of service, and equally nice pools. Personally I LOVE AKL, and don't like Wilderness at all - but that is entirely because I live in the mountain s of Alberta, so the theming of WV is all around me, so it doesn't feel "special". I suspect since you are from Michigan it might not feel all that unique to you, either.....One more thought, with the boats you can get form Magic Kingdom back to Wilderness very quickly and easily, while AKL is a bit more of a haul on the bus (but not a deal breaker for me). Quick service restaurants are very much equal - so also look at the table service options at both. I enjoy both, but again that may sway you.

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    Since you're thinking of doing a 2 bedroom villa at Wilderness Lodge, is there reason you're looking at 2 rooms at ALL and not considering a 2 bedroom villa at AKL as well? The 2BR at Kidani has 3 bathrooms whereas at WL there are only 2.

    The pool and play area at Kidani is really fun for kids. Plus there are animals!

    WL is right there at MK, though, so its a tough choice.

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    I would go with the 2 bedroom over the 2 standards so for me it would just come down to where. The 2 bedroom would give you the washer/dryer and kitchen. Even if you have no intention of cooking (I don't) with your grandsons you would be able to have cereals, sandwich makings, etc. in the room.

    We stayed at AKL and honestly didn't find the bus service that tedious. AKL-Kidani would give you the extra bathroom but I prefer Jambo because that is the main building with QS and I love their pool. There are a few Value 2 bedrooms at Jambo which would help with the price. Kidani has 2 double beds in the 2nd bedroom while Jambo has one double and one sleeper sofa. Kidani's rooms are a bit larger.

    WL is my home resort and, of course, my favorite. You'd have your choice of the 2 bedroom at the original VWL or the newer Cooper Creek which is in the hotel. Both have the same amenities as far as bed/bath, CCV is just newer and a more contemporary style. People mention the boat to MK but you could also hop on the bus which is quicker, the nice thing is you have the choice. The villa pool is new, the hotel pool is very nice, you would be able to use either one.

    Tough choice IMO.
    - Lynn -
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