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    Default To buy a Apple watch or not???

    I have been thinking about buying a apple 3 watch but just not sure. Love my iphone 10 but is the watch really a advantage?? I think I just love the ability to put Mickey on it and talk on it but I hardly talk on the phone. I surf and text the most. I do also collect invicta watches and so I have a ton on Disney watches they make. For some reason i have tossed this around for years now but its not cheap. HELP!!!

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    I go back and forth after reading "rave" reviews. At the end of the day I just can't justify the price even with a discount when available. If I was an extremely busy person with a hectic life, maybe.
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    My husband likes his because he doesn't need to take out his phone to screen calls, texts, etc. It helps to not interrupt what he is doing.

    Another neat function is when you are using GPS on your cell phone, when you get close to a turn, it vibrates and has a sound notification as well. I thought that was pretty cool.

    I don't know if it is really for me, but everyone who has them seems to really like them.

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    I admit I'm an Apple Fangirl. I love every product I've ever bought that was Apple. But... I just can't bring myself to justify this purchase. I think it's primarily because of aesthetics. The watch I currently use is simple, yet feminine. I like the idea of the neat features of an Apple watch and I'd certainly benefit from the activity monitor it offers. I never put down my iPhone because it keeps track of my daily steps and other activities I need to manually input. I like the freedom of sticking my phone in my pocket. I don't like the idea of having to wear a watch all day, everyday because I currently don't do that anyway.
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    I also like Apple products (we have three Apple TV units, we all have iPhones, and I even have the iPhone X). But I can't bring myself to buy an Apple Watch. And it's not the price that I take issues with.

    1. I like mechanical watches. They're just classy. I probably own about 25 watches (including a couple of Disney watches)!

    2. I don't like the shape of it. I get that the shape is part of the interface, but that's me. I like round watches.

    3. This is really the biggest reason for me...I don't want one more thing I have to charge.
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    It's a nice to have but definitely not a need to have. I've had my Apple Watch 2 for well over a year now and I definitely like it quite a bit. As Carrie noted it is nice tot to have to constantly carry your phone around the house or office just to stay up to date on info. It used to be that I didn't leave my desk without my phone but now I can. And for the Apple Watch 3 I could only imagine that it is even better with integrated calling and access to your music away from your phone. It would be wonderful to go on a walk or a run or to the beach or a park with just your watch and Airpods and not have to carry you phone. Now if we could incorporate MDE to your Apple Watch and not have to wear a Magic Band that would be awesome!
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