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    Smile HOT! The Warmest Places in the Theme Parks

    The latest post about the redo of the Odyssey area got me thinking about how incredibly hot that walkway that winds between Mexico & Norway that passes by the Odyssey building is. No shade to speak of, nothing but concrete that absorbs/reflects/radiates heat, and the lack of any place to grab a cool drink. I've only experienced it during non-summer trips & can't imagine what it's like in July, on a clear day, with temps around 95 degrees with Florida humidity thrown in for good measure. My vote for hottest area in Epcot, and then I started to think about the other parks...

    MK & DHS I'm not so sure about, but AK - I know why it's always so hot there.

    I took the Backstage Safari tour a few years ago, and one of the questions I asked our guides was "Why is it so hot in the park?" Their answer was "Because of all the foliage & the water needed to keep it alive, the humidity levels are quite high in the park." They also said that, when designing the park, they designed in a 10 foot high berm around a lot of the park perimeter, with obstacles, to try and keep out the indigenous wildlife. Makes sense, after all, who wants to be on Kilamanjaro Safari when an unsuspecting raccoon wanders into the lion area? Eww...

    So, what's your vote for hottest area in the theme parks? Inquiring minds want to know!
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    Well, the AK reminds me of Bataan. Especially the walkway near Dino and Nemo.

    Epcot, I felt area b/w Journey and the World gateway walkways (closer to the Land and so forth), though
    the Gateway itself is so hot, late in the day.

    MK, Fantasyland. Everything about it feels hot, and just in front of the castle..

    MGM, again front of the Theatre. Too hot. And just in front of the Mermaid area.

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    I find Epcot to be a very hot park. Lots of concrete, little shade....

    I think the hottest I've ever been in Disney was in line for Big Thunder Mountain. It was a June trip and the line was long, we didn't have a FP. I just remember it being almost unbearable. We almost decided to just bail.

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    Animal Kingdom always feels like the hottest to me.
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    I find Epcot to be the coolest park. Itís big and open. There seems to be a breeze off of world showcase lagoon. It also can be the coldest park. I have froze my butt off out there at Epcot. Again, that cold wet wind that comes off of the lagoon.

    And the boardwalk can be hot too at times. Itís kinda blocked from a nice airflow as well.

    MK is hot to me. Especially in fantasyland. Itís tight and all concrete. The buildings prevent wind and air flow.

    Animal kingdom is hot too. Not a lot of breeze and the trees hold in the humidity.

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