Today was truly spontaneity day. Took bus to AK around 9 am. I walked to Africa area to judge whether it was worth doing safari ride in standby line. Decided to pass. Tree lady was doing her thing near front of the park. Looks like flight of wisdom is under construction. Looks like a stadium look is in the plans. Walked around some to see if anything else had changed. Decided to pass on Flametree for lunch. Wound up leaving AK around 9:30! I was going to go to DS for a dine in amc movie but transferring by bus got me there to late. So i stopped by Epcot to check Festival of Arts for lunch. Didnt see anything i wanted so i walked over to beaches and cream at beach club. Although app said no reservations were available for lunch, I figured a counter spot was available, and several were. So i ate well! Root beer float, onion rings, and patty melt. I was going to do miniature golf next but it began to rain. Back to DS for another movie. Afterwards I used my 2 fasspasses at HS doing Toy Story and Star Tours. Checked the models of you story land, and new star wars edge of galaxy. Then called it a day after grabbing my dessert for the day, cookies! Started to rain again so caught bus back to Pop. Packed and returning to the cold of Midwest tomorrow. Good relaxing getaway!