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    Default Warcraft, Disneyland and Beaches Oh My Day 11

    Sometime during the evening last night, we started talking about scary movies and Poltergeist came up. I remembered when I was young walking around somewhere in California that the Poltergeist clown was over the walkway. For some reason, my brain kept saying Seaport Village. The rest of my family didn't remember this at all. My sister said that they were going to tear down Seaport Village, so I decided to swing by there before we left San Diego. DR was up for the adventure, so off we went.

    Seaport Village was nothing like I remembered it. Of course, my memory is from like 40 years ago. It was a large circular or octagonal shape with wooden boards. I did manage to find on the internet that the poltergeist clown had been there at one time, so I knew I was remembering the right place.

    Now it is a huge shopping area that I didn't recognize at all. DR was hungry, so we found a restaurant to eat breakfast at. While we were looking for the restaurant, I saw a bakery sign that said they had won "Cupcake Wars". I had no idea what Cupcake Wars were, but I decided that was going to be my breakfast. After DR finished up his meal, we headed back to Frost Me. The cupcakes were very unique and tasty. I even bought a box of them to take back home to my kids.

    We stopped to get a couple of pictures of the seagulls, water, etc. There was some sort of marine craft that would temporarily go under the water like a submarine. It was pretty neat. I am kind've sad that they are going to tear down Seaport Village. With so many shops there, I'm not sure how they are going to do that.

    We climbed into the car and headed for home. We drove through the "blink and you missed it" town that I grew up in. DR's only comment was "Thank goodness you got out of this dump." That made me laugh.

    We stopped in Algodones, Mexico to pick up some medications. DR hadn't ever been out of the country before, and he was extremely nervous. I almost expected him to kiss the ground when we got back across the border.

    We made good time and were back home before we knew it. Vacations are good, but it is also good to be home.
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    I enjoyed you trip report. Hope to get to Disneyland soon. Thank you for sharing.

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