Me- 46 year old Disney lover who doesn't act her age
DR (Dear Roommate) - 33 year old who has no idea what he is getting himself into

Today was our check out day at Beso del Sol. We slept in a little too late and then scurried around to get everything packed up to go. We headed out about 10:15.

Today they had everything set up for the RunDisney event that was going on. The parking garage was set up for people with disabilities, and we were directed to go to another parking area. This whole thing was a cluster. It took us a lot of guessing about which way to go, some creative driving and over 2 hours to get into a parking spot. It was completely ridiculous.

Eventually, we made it onto a bus and were headed towards the park. Once on the bus, it kind've felt like we were at Disney World, and I relaxed. Then we arrived. The lines to get into the park were ridiculous. The lines to get into Disneyland ran into the lines to get into DCA. I had promised DR a ride on the monorail, so we slowly made our way across and into Downtown Disney. This turned out to be a good choice, because the monorail was basically a walk on.

We got off in Tomorrowland and headed to see all the Star Wars stuff. DR had been sick the day DS had been at Disneyland with me. The lines to get pictures with the characters, were only about 5 mins long. DR was in 7th heaven. Some of the pics turned out pretty great too.

We went for another round on Buzz Lightyear. It was time to show DR who the master really was. (He had been bragging all week that he had beaten me.) Evil Emperor Zurg didn't have a chance. Neither did DR. I did my victory dance out of the ride building, and we headed to Adventureland.

DR's best friend in Kentucky had told DR that his favorite ride was Indiana Jones. Today was the first day it was open, so of course we had to ride it. First though, I needed food. We went to Bengal bbq. The line was entirely too long. The food was pretty tasty. We both had a little bit of each kind. The bacon wrapped asparagus was my favorite. DR liked the chicken.

Even with fastpasses, the line to get into Indiana Jones was ridiculously long, although the queue line is really long also. I remember my dad making us stand in line to ride this when it first opened. I have no idea how long it really took, but to little me, it seemed like it took several hours. That could be entirely possible when the whole queue is packed with people like it would have been then.

In fact, this whole day kind've gave me flashbacks to my younger years. I swear at some point during my childhood my dad had parked in the parking lot we used this morning.

After narrowly escaping with our lives, it was a Pirate's Life for us. Then it was on to the Disney Railroad - another favorite of my dad's. We had to wait through several rounds before we could board. Even then, we were forced to sit apart in order to fit.

We disembarked at Toontown and headed to It's a Small World. I think a parade had just finished, because it was mass pandemonium trying to get to It's a Small World. It took us about 40 minutes to get to where the line started even with cast members trying to direct traffic. Everyone used the same line until we reached a certain checkpoint where they directed people with fastpasses to another line. I don't really like the Holiday Small World much, but he enjoyed it.

By then, it was dinner time. My niece had told me that the Rose Tavern was the greatest place to eat in Disneyland, so we headed there. I was excited to try the grey stuff. It wasn't delicious. Even the lemon rose cake wasn't appealing. It wasn't very lemony at all.

We had a return time for Haunted Mansion, but I was ready to go. There were too many people everywhere we turned. DR was ok with skipping out, so we headed down Main St. I stopped at the bathroom right by the exit, bought a bubble blower for my granddaughter and then we left Disneyland for the last time. Normally I'm pretty sad about that moment, but I was more than ready to leave. Maybe it was the crowds. Maybe it was the fact that I have two Disney World trips coming up. My kids were shocked when I texted them and told them I was Disney'd out.

We made it back to the car and headed towards San Diego. The traffic wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. I called my brother to let him know we were on our way. He told me that my mom and sister had decided to make a last minute trip up to see him also. He was going to have a full house for the weekend.