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    Default Warcraft, Disneyland and Beaches Oh My Day 8

    Me- 46 year old Disney lover who doesn't act her age
    DR (Dear Roommate) - 33 year old who has no idea what he is getting himself into
    DS - 27 Disney veteran extraordinaire
    DDIL- 23 Earning her ears
    DSMIL (DS' Mother in law) - Hasn't seen Disney in over 20 years.

    I had been waiting for this day since the moment we had decided to go to Disneyland several months ago. Guardians of the Galaxy is one of DR's favorite movies, and I knew a ride that was calling his name. First, we had a date with Goofy.

    I was up and in the shower early. Mickey waffles were calling my name. Then I went in to pounce on DR. He was feeling better and groggily got out of bed. A quick call to DS as we headed out to the car confirmed that everything was set for a Great breakfast. Goofy greeted us exactly at 9:15 am. 45 minutes and several character pictures later, we all waddled out of the restaurant. One thing I found out that I wish I had known during our first breakfast was that our pictures with Goofy were included in our Maxpass. I didn't think to ask about it until this morning. We just had to run into the Photopass shop to have them added to our Maxpass account. This turned out to be easier said than done.

    We got through the entrance to DCA pretty quickly. We all hit the bathroom. Then I went to add the breakfast pictures to my Maxpass. There was only one employee working. She was with a customer who was taking up an extraordinary amount of time deciding on a border for one picture while her small child screamed at the top of his lungs and alternated between running around the room and steering an electronic wheelchair into the walls. After watching this for about 15 mins, I left. I don't know how that employee kept her composure.

    I caught up with the group outside of Soarin'. None of us had seen the new Soarin' movie, so the excitement was pretty palpable. It was a big hit and I was so glad to see the ending was still at Disneyland. I miss the orange smell, but there were other smells in there that I loved.

    We still had about an hour to kill before their fastpass time for Guardians of the Galaxy. I have to backtrack for a moment here. All through breakfast, DS had been acting like he was terrified of going on GotG. He has been on Tower of Terror countless times. As I mentioned previously, he likes messing with people. He had DR and DSMIL convinced they were all going to die in an hour. lol. In an effort to keep their minds off of it, we headed to Monsters Inc. After visiting Monstropolis, we headed to the Disney Visa's character picture spot. DDIL refused to get her picture taken, so DR and I went alone. We had a great time with Stitch. As soon as we rounded the corner, Stitch stole my pirate hat that I had been wearing. He high-fived DR. Then it was time for them to die.

    I can't ride this ride, so I headed off to Wine Country Trattoria. DR and I had World of Color dining reservations for dinner. I ran over to see if we could add DS' group to our reservation. The girl at the podium told me to just show up with them at our reservation time. She seemed pretty confident about it, so I assumed that is something that happens quite often. Everyone else escaped from the Collector with smiles on their faces. I made sure to get their ride photo. The look on DR and DSMIL's faces amused me greatly.

    I wanted DR to see the Guardians of the Galaxy Dance-off and DSMIL loves Groot, so we sat outside of the ride eating mickey bars and getting pictures where they put Baby Groot in our hands to pass the time. A CM came by to let us know we would have to move off of the sidewalk in 10 mins. I asked her where we should stand for the show, and she got us front and center. DR was to my left eating a minute maid frozen treat. DSMIL was to my right eating her mickey bar. DS and DDIL were to DSMIL's right. I was turned saying something to DR when someone shoved their way between me and DSMIL. I turned around to say something to the rude person when I realized it was Peter Quill talking to Gamora. DSMIL and DR were practically beside themselves with excitement. The show was pretty good with a lot of audience participation.

    Next up was Carsland. We wandered through Radiator Springs, and DR began missing his kids. His son is a huge Cars fan. He decided on a present to get for his son (He had already gotten a Minnie for his daughter), and then it was time for our race. As we stood in the fastpass line, DR looked at the 90 minute standby line and asked what all the people were standing in line for. I had to explain the three different lines to him - single rider, standby and fastpass. He was rather flabbergasted that someone would stand in the standby line for so long instead of getting a fastpass. I told him that it just pays to do your homework and know about your vacation destination. He said "now I understand why your kids tell people that they haven't done Disney until they do it with you." That made my son laugh.

    Our race car was ready. We drove through desert scenery, went out cow tipping, got away from a bulldozer, got a snazzy new paint job and then raced to the finish line. It was a photofinish! Everyone agreed they wanted to do it again. We decided we would do it at night so the newbies could see how different it looked. We took a break so DR could call his kids, and DDIL booked fastpasses for Grizzly River Run. Our return time was only 15 minutes later.
    We hurried across the park to get in line. I ducked into the gift shop, but no ponchos were to be found. I resigned myself to destiny and hoped for the best. 5 minutes later, we were all white water rafting down Grizzly River on our very own raft. Fate was with me. DSMIL and DDIL got drenched. I got a little splash on one leg. The boys were just a little wet. DR was laughing hysterically like a 5 year old boy and yelling to do it again. I couldn't tell him no.
    While we sat in the sun waiting for our new fastpass time to come up, DR was commenting on how it probably isn't as much fun when you have strangers in the raft with you. I told him that on Grizzly River Run and Kali River Rapids, strangers seem to quickly bond over who is going to get wet next. He got to see that first hand as a mom, dad and a little boy about 7 joined us in our second raft. DR will talk to anyone and had the little boy all excited about seeing his parents soaking wet. I think it helped him with missing his kids a little bit. Fate did not smile on me a second time. Our raft tilted at the top of the big drop and then spun around so that I was facing backwards. DR and his new little friend busted out laughing and pointing at me as the water came splashing all over every part of my body. We parted ways with the other family as my shoes squeaked down the walkway.
    Next up was Paradise Pier. DDIL and DS had a fastpass for California Screamin'. I can't ride it. DR and DSMIL refused to. We sat on benches in the sun while waiting for the fastpass time. It was getting to be evening, so I was still freezing cold. DR and I ducked into a gift shop. They had lots of cute tops, but no pants. Disney really needs to bring back their pants to buy.
    We stood and watched the takeoff point for DS and DDIL to appear. I managed to get a video on my phone of them taking off. Then we went and found their picture. This ride really does end rather quickly. DS talked DR into going on it which is unusual given is normal tendency to try to get people nervous about a ride. They booked another fastpass for 10 mins later. While they got in line, DSMIL and I went back to watch the take off point. As luck would have it, the ride got shut down. DS texted me to let me know it had been stopped, but we already knew. A couple of castmembers were walking out to the ride car that was sitting in front of us. One of the guys on the ride had taken his right shoulder out of the harness and his right arm was hanging out of the restraint system. Meanwhile, the other group thought that something had gone wrong with the ride, and DR was getting even more nervous about going upside down. Everything was all settled with the guy who got out of the harness, and they started the ride up again. On the ride picture, DR looks like he is holding on for dear life, but he didn't chicken out once he said he would go.
    Be still and know that I am God - Psalm 46:10

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    We didn't have time to do anything else before our dinner reservation, so I suggested we go check in to the Wine Country Trattoria a little early just in case there was a problem with bringing the other three with us. There wasn't any problems with them joining us at all. A big plus was that they also seated us right next to one of those outdoor heatlamps. DSMIL and I were still pretty wet. We just stood up next to the heater and tried to dry out when the waiter wasn't talking to us.
    Dinner was delicious as always. The dessert was so good, I even ordered a second one. The waitress told us that the second one was on the house. Not only did they adapt to us inconveniencing them with more people, they happily gave me a second dessert. The customer service here is always superb.
    We decided to soar over our beautiful planet one more time, went under the sea with Ariel and then headed back to Radiator Springs. Our second race was as exhilarating as the first one. With our photo finish in hand, we meandered down the streets of Radiator Springs. DR stopped to use the bathroom. While we waited, DS and crew decided that they should start heading back home. There was a 6 hour drive ahead of them and a full day of work the next day. I was a sad mama, but I understood. They gave us their three world of color passes and headed out.
    I love having my family with me on trips, but it is also much less stressful to only have to worry about one or two people. DR and I stopped to get our pictures taken at the Carsland photo area where a car snowman was set up. I decided to get the ears that
    light up with the World of Color show. I would get a Disney Visa discount if I spent $50 at the kiosk where I bought them. DR decided to get the Star Wars ears that he had seen his first night in the parks. While we walked around, DR stopped a couple and asked them if they wanted the reserved seating tickets that we had extra. They were very pleasantly surprised and graciously accepted. I had forgotten that we had the extra tickets and definitely didn't prompt him to give them away. Sometimes I have a hard time believing he used to be a hardened gang member.
    We wandered around Paradise Pier - looking at all the shops, taking pictures in the photo op area, finding little paths I never knew existed - until it was time to go get our seating for World of Color. I definitely was not thrilled with where our seats were. Being short, I could barely see which always happens at that show. There was also a giant speaker in the middle of our view. DR didn't notice any of that though. Sometimes I am jealous of how in awe you can be when Disney is completely new to you.
    After the show, I told DR to just sit there while the mass of humanity left the park. I hate crowds. I was taking a few pictures of Paradise Pier as it is. I like taking pics and the view will be changing soon. We were only there for a few mins when a security guard came up and said "Time to go. The park is closed. Get up and leave." I've never been told to leave a Disney park like that.
    We moseyed our way out of the park and spent some time in Downtown Disney while the crowds dissipated. DR decided to have a drink at the Uva Bar. We waited about 20 mins before we were served. The drink turned out to be stronger than he anticipated, so he was a bit tipsy as we left. I got to laugh at him, because I'm usually the lightweight. The waiter had offered me something and seemed quite surprised when I asked for water while explaining that I was driving. It is pretty sad that that isn't the norm. The drive back was quick and uneventful. DS texted me to let me know they made it home safely, and I turned in dreaming of spending the day at Disneyland the next day. It would officially be the start of the holiday season and the opening of It's a Small World and Indiana Jones.
    Be still and know that I am God - Psalm 46:10

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