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    Default Warcraft, Disneyland and Beaches Oh My Day 7

    Me- 46 year old Disney lover who doesn't act her age
    DR (Dear Roommate) - 33 year old who has no idea what he is getting himself into
    DS - 27 Disney veteran extraordinaire
    DDIL- 23 Earning her ears
    DSMIL (DS' Mother in law) - Hasn't seen Disney in over 20 years.

    I was up early all bright-eyed and bushy tailed. DS had called me and said they were ready to go. They had arrived last night and were staying at a hotel close to Disneyland. DR was having nothing to do with getting out of bed. He told me he had been sick all night and to go without him. He promised to call when he was up and ready to go.

    I got ready and texted DS when I was leaving, saying I would see him in about 30 mins. Well, without DR in the car, I couldn't use the HOV lane, so that 30 minute drive turned into 1 hour and 15 minutes. DS and crew finished getting ready, and then they wound up getting lost trying to find the Mickey and Friends parking garage. We wound up arriving at about the same time. The line to get through security was ridiculously loooooong but getting on a tram was rather quick once we were through. They had also bought their tickets and maxpass on line, so it was only one stop at the turnstiles. We made another quick stop at Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln in order to add them to my disability access, and they all picked out their own set of ears to wear. DS chose R2D2 ears. DDIL got the sequined Minnie ones. DSMIL got some purple ears - her favorite color. I ran out to get a picture in front of the Christmas tree while they paid for their purchases.

    DS and his wife were at Disneyland with me last year. DS' mother-in-law hadn't been for over 20 years, so it was really like having another first-timer with us. We walked down Main St, through the hub and stepped into Tomorrowland.

    The first order of business was to teach DSMIL how to jump into hyperspace with C3PO and R2D2. BB8 once again secretly transmitted rebel plans to us, and we successfully smuggled the rebel spy to Naboo. One of these days, we'll learn how to land without crashing into other ships.

    A message came over our phones that Buzz Lightyear needed help defeating the Evil Emperor Zurg. We walked right onto our ships and joined the battle. DS kept ours spinning in circles the whole time, and he still managed to outscore the rest of us. It was time for them to conquer the first mountain of the day - Space Mountain. I headed to Pizza Port and had a delicious salad while they saved the galaxy once again. They had eaten breakfast at their hotel, but the sight of food made them want a Dole Whip. After a quick stop for DS to buy a Yoda backpack, we headed towards Adventureland. I don't know if any of you ever watch the Bad Lip Reading videos on Youtube, but there is one with Yoda singing about seagulls. In his song, part of the lyrics are "I can be your backpack while you run". Of course, that song was sung many times throughout the day.

    There was a marching band playing Star Wars songs in front of the castle, so we stopped to watch them. Afterwards, we got the obligatory pictures in front of the castle for DSMIL. The photographer told us to act like we were trying to hold DSMIL down and the picture of the balloons pulling her up with us trying to hold her down came out pretty cute.

    They mmmm'd and yummm'd over their Dole Whips while we walked to Haunted Mansion Holiday. Jack Skellington must have really liked us, because he stopped our doombuggies quite a few times. Our hitchhiking ghost turned out to be three snakes that looked like candy canes. Sally waved bye to us as we traded one Jack for another.

    Carlos was not cheecken and didn't spill the beans about Captain Jack Sparrow's whereabouts. The guys still wants the redhead, and my son finally noticed that the women now chase the pirates instead of the pirates chasing the women.

    Sailing the Spanish Main had worked up their appetite for some seafood, so we went to the Harbour Galley. DS ordered the lobster macaroni and cheese hot dog. He always has to choose the weird stuff. DSMIL had a tuna sandwich, and DDIL got the chowder in a bread bowl. DS was disappointed in how little lobster there was. Other than that, everyone enjoyed their food.

    They wanted to visit Jack Skellington again to see if he would get it right this time, which he did - not a single stop anywhere. Then we were off to find our laughing place. My 6'4" 250 lb son decided to sit in the front. We chased Brer Rabbit all the way into the briar patch and got SOAKED.

    I decided to head back to the resort for some dry clothes and to check on DR. They stayed and headed for Big Thunder. DR wasn't feeling better. I changed into dry clothes, got him some real food and then headed back to the park. They had left the park to grab a bite to eat, so I sat at Casey's and ate a chili dog until they got back.

    It was time for my runaway train ride with my oldest son. It has become a tradition that I absolutely love, so he always makes sure to make it happen. There were two teenage girls sitting behind us who appeared very nervous. It must have been their first ride. DS always messes with people and made it out to be the scariest ride ever. As we started going down the first downgrade, DS screamed, and the two girls behind us began screaming even louder. He is incorrigible, and I can't help but laugh.

    DDIL wanted to go on Haunted Mansion Holiday once again. I managed to get a better picture of Sally in the graveyard on this go around. We were all pretty tired afterwards, so we started heading out. Not too many people were visiting the Caribbean this time of night, so we ducked in for a quick cruise. We also decided we wanted to eat at Goofy's Kitchen in the morning. I made the reservations. We battened down the hatches and fired at will. Poor Will. He's always getting shot at.

    We arrived at the Tram just ahead of a huge wave of humanity. World of Color had finished. We parted ways in the garage, I made it back to Beso del Sol and quickly fell asleep while thinking of mickey waffles in the morning.
    Be still and know that I am God - Psalm 46:10

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    Sounds like a great day except for the sick DR. Thank you for giving me my Disney fix. Reading the trip report makes me feel like I am there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiggerlovr9000 View Post
    Thank you for giving me my Disney fix. Reading the trip report makes me feel like I am there.
    I get in that mood where I go read trip reports and day dream too.
    Be still and know that I am God - Psalm 46:10

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