Relatives were visiting us from another city so we decided to head over to Disney Springs for the day. The main purpose of our visit was to see the Trail of Trees in Disney Springs but one of my relatives was also looking for a gift for a great-granddaughter and I was looking for a bath toy to complete the wish list of a little boy on our community's gift tree as well as a gift for a 10 year old nephew.

On the way to Disney Springs, we stopped in a Bob Evans for some breakfast and then continued on to the Lime parking garage. I had never been in the parking structures at Disney Studios. I liked the system of indicating how many parking spaces are available in various areas and on various floors. We had no difficulty in finding a spot and making our way into Disney Springs.

The Trail of Trees doesn't open until noontime and we were still early for that so headed directly to World of Disney. We didn't find anything we were wanted there. When I asked about bath toys, I was directed to some plastic toys which would appear to be suitable for bath use but the packaging indicated it was not to be used in water. We moved on to the Lego store where I found a gift for my nephew so cross one thing off the list. As we passed by Rainforest Cafe, I decided to peek in the gift shop there. I didn't locate anything I was looking for but my relative did find two really cute and cuddly stuffed animals for her great-granddaughter. Check another thing off the list. After wandering through the Christmas shop, we entered the Trail of Trees which was now open.

We had fun exploring all of the variously themed and decorated trees. We also enjoyed the only snowfall we hope to see this year!! During our explorations, we had a few pictures taken with the photo pass photographers available.

I went into Once Upon a Toy where I was finally able to locate a packet of Disney race characters which was labeled as a "bath toy". Final item checked off the list.

We were not yet hungry but we were thirsty to wandered over to Jake's where we sat outside alongside the lake and each had a libation of our choosing. Thus refreshed, we took a walk all the way to the end of the West side - noting the empty spot where Disney Quest used to be. By time we walked all the way back to the Marketplace side, we decided we were ready for some food. I'd had a hankering for an "Original" sandwich from Earl of Sandwich so we headed there for some lunch.

Once finished with lunch, we decided it was time to be heading home so returned to our car in the parking lot.

The only disappointment of the day was that the sun we were promised for the day did not appear and, instead, the day was overcast the entire time we were there. Still, it was not cold and it hadn't rained on us though it had looked a bit threatening from time to time.