The Walt Disney World resort has confirmed the construction site and the operator of the Space Restaurant announced at the 2017 D23 Expo:

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... [The Space Restaurant] will be built in a newly developed area located between the park’s Mission: SPACE and Test Track attractions.

Once completed, the restaurant will invite guests to travel to space for an amazing dining experience in the stars. The new restaurant will be operated by the Patina Restaurant Group, led by Nick Valenti, which operates several other restaurants around Walt Disney World Resort, including Tutto Italia and Via Napoli at Epcot and Morimoto Asia and Maria & Enzo’s Ristorante at Disney Springs.


In addition to the internal construction changes noted below for the "MK1" project, the concept art and description of the announced Magic Kingdom theater have been removed from the Walt Disney World website here:


The removal of the future attraction from this public page, makes a cancellation of the project seem more likely than a delay as no date commitment had previously been made public.


An opening period and an indefinite delay have been reported for the Magic Kingdom's two current construction projects.

Internal construction schedules are indicating that the Tron Light Cycle Coaster is scheduled for a Fall 2021 opening; confirming prior expectations of the attraction's debut being part of the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary event.

Alternatively, internal construction schedules appear to indicate an indefinite delay or cancellation for construction project "MK1" (shown below)--the site of the Broadway-Style Theater and Main Street Expansion. It has yet to be confirmed if the project itself is being delayed/canceled or if an issue with the planned construction site had been encountered.


Two new permits have revealed potential details for three of the new attractions coming to Walt Disney World that were announced at the 2017 D23 Expo.

Permit#: 48-00714-P has been filed for a 29.25 acre project, "Magic Kingdom East Side Modification". These plans appear to indicate the construction footprints of the Tron Light Cycle Coaster and the Willis Wood inspired Theater.

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The Tron themed attraction shows a footprint (in teal) in the same area as shown in the released concept art. The permit gives some potential scale to the new attraction area.

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The Willis Wood inspired theater is shown to have a footprint (in teal) almost directly behind the shuttered Galaxy Theater. While this parking lot area was known to be impacted by the construction of this theater, the exact location of the theater construction site was not clear. Although not clear from this permit, it has been re-enforced by Cast and those close to the project that the new theater will be accessed by Guests from the current Main Street by-pass area.

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Permit#: 48-00714-P has been filed for a 7.81 acre project, "Epcot Back Of House France". This plan appears to indicate the location of the new Ratatouille attraction and the expansion to the France pavilion.

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The construction footprint (in teal) for the Ratatouille attraction appears to be built on the back section of the expansion pad between the existing France and Morocco pavilions. The expansion to the France pavilion to access (shown along the purple line) the new attraction appears to be comprised of a new path along the FriendSHIP canal and behind the existing pavilion connecting to the expansion pad.

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