Me- 46 year old Disney lover who doesn't act her age
DR (Dear Roommate) - 33 year old who has no idea what he is getting himself into

Today we got to sleep in and relax. Aaaahhh. I think we slept until 11 and then explored around the "resort". Beso del Sol isn't what I typically expect from a timeshare. There were only 10 units. No staff were around, but we had the manager's phone number if we needed anything. The beach was maybe a 3 minute walk away from us. There was a media room with a computer in it. There was a laundry room, which we put to good use during the afternoon. It was only one washer and dryer, but we didn't have to pay for it. The fact that we didn't have to mess with quarters made the one washer/dryer situation well worth it. For most of the week, we were the only ones there. It was a great place if you wanted a nice, quiet, solo or romantic getaway on the beach.

Around 4 pm, we started to get hungry. A fellow intercotee had suggested that we check out Old World Village, so that was our plan for the evening. Most of the shops were closed, but we went to the German restaurant and had a great meal. There was supposed to be a band called Lakatos there according to the website schedule, but we never saw them. There was a guy that got up on stage and sang German songs. Two little girls around age 7 or so stole the show though. The more outgoing stood up at her table and started dancing. As more and more people watched and cheered her on, she moved up to in front of the stage. Her sister, not to be outdone, joined her at the front of the stage. Sister #1 wasn't too keen about sharing the spotlight with her sibling, so as she was swinging her shoulders and hips around to dance, she would lean over and elbow her sister off to the side. DR and I had quite a few laughs at their antics. We ate schnitzel things that I couldn't pronounce for dinner. He had apple struedel for dessert, and I had German chocolate cake. The slice I got was large enough to feed a small army.
We waddled out of the restaurant and meandered through the Old World Village shops. It was probably really amazing in its heyday. We passed a little bakery and regretted getting dessert at the restaurant. The homemade stuff looked delicious. I would have liked to have seen the inside of the church, but no doors were open. After about 30 mins of wandering, we returned to our timeshare.
I had the brilliant idea of actually going out to the beach, since it was right there. A moonlit stroll on the beach could be romantic in the movies or the scene of a brutal murder in a horror flick. In reality, a moonlit stroll on the beach is freezing cold. I returned after maybe 5 minutes, running into the room to turn on the nice warm fireplace. DR just laughed at me.
We had a full day planned for Monday, so I turned in early. DR stayed up watching some movie on his Ipad. He regretted that in the morning. :P