Me- 46 year old Disney lover who doesn't act her age
DR (Dear Roommate) - 33 year old who has no idea what he is getting himself into

We were up early for breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen. The staff here was wonderful as always. It took DR a little bit to get warmed up to the idea of pictures with the characters, but he soon became a big kid, especially when Chip and Dale came around. He wandered around singing the Rescue Rangers song for a while. Disney lesson #2 - how to tell who is Chip and who is Dale
I savored every bite of my Mickey waffles, but DR was too excited about Blizzcon to be hungry. We were in and out in about 30 mins. I dropped him off at the Convention Center and headed out for some pampering. First stop was The Joint Chiropractic. Next stop was Massage Envy, where I had an hour massage and a facial. No matter where I go in the country, these two businesses always do well.
After the pampering, I went to check into our timeshare. Beso del Sol was about 30 mins away in Huntington Beach. It was a hard to find little hole in the wall, but the studio itself was very nice. Just a short walk away from the beach and adjacent to the Pacific Coast Highway. No ac but there were two fans. There was a fireplace. The manager said the bar and grill across the street was very good, but we never tried it. My only complaint there was that the bar was very loud on the weekend, making it difficult to sleep.
After unpacking everything, I headed back to pick up DR. He wasn't too interested in the evening activities at Blizzcon, and we had reservations at Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney followed by Thor: Ragnarok. This turned out to be DR's favorite meal of the whole trip. We got seated upstairs and enjoyed the jazz musicians that came around. We both enjoyed our meal and had preordered the chocolate bread pudding souffle. It wasn't as chocolatey as I had hoped.
We had pre-ordered our Thor: Ragnarok tickets, so it was pretty easy to just go up and get our paper tickets. There was a line, but the auditorium wound up only being about half full. I was pretty surprised at that. I thought the movie was pretty good. DR loved it.
We had another early day the next day, so we headed back to the timeshare and turned in for the night. DR's comment for the night "10 of 10 would do it again."