Disney is a huge, successful entertainment company that leads various industries in a number of ways. With its size, there are things I would expect to get lost, or at least things that would be frustrating. But occasionally I am surprised at how poorly certain things turn out.

I'm not meaning for this do become a gripe session, and I'm not referring to the occasional customer service gaffe. I'm referring to constant issues in a certain area. Maybe it's by design, maybe it's poor design.

Here's what made me ask:

For years, we have collected Disney Christmas Ornaments. We have an 8 ft tree that is completely covered with ornaments from Disney animated films (we don't count things like Star Wars/Marvel/Pirates/etc). So, when we go to Disney World each year, we buy an ornament with the year on it, and we look for any characters we might be missing. Currently, it's Moana. We need a Moana ornament. Moana came out...oh, I don't know...TEN MONTHS ago. Sure, there was some Moana merchandise out in the parks and stores around the time of release, but there are still no ornaments. They will come, sure, but now the love has died down. Had they had ornaments (and other merchandise) out when the movie was released, last holiday season, they would have sold a lot more than they will now. This is a recurring pattern. It seems to take them a year to get certain things out. I remember months and months after Big Hero 6 came out that we wanted some general merchandise, and there was NOTHING. No action figures, no pins, no shirts, NOTHING. I know it wasn't a huge hit, but c'mon! It took a long time for stuffed animals, pins, meet 'n' greets, etc to get on track.

I don't know, with as long a lead time as they have for these movies in the pipeline, I would think that certain merchandising efforts would better sync up with the movie's release.