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Thread: Busses

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    Quote Originally Posted by #1donaldfan View Post
    Nothing fixed yet, in that regard !! I will say, I have no issues with someone needing help traversing the parks in wheel chairs or EVCs, but my frustration is founded on, ... scores of people waiting in line for a bus to arrive, then at the last second, the EVC rolls up and they get on the bus first. I get it, they have to go on first so to properly be secured, yet do they "have" to get on "that" bus ?? Can they not wait till the next one, thus being at or very near the front of the line? It happens nearly every single time we wait for a bus ... please know that I am not trying to take away from those in need, only that those in need, while sitting, can wait as many others do, for the next bus to arrive.
    Man, that stinks! And what you said is exactly the garbage I hated. Back in 2002 and 2004, I never saw an ECV. Then in 2006, only once did an ECV get on board. Then in 2008 at the AllStar Resort, it was NUTS! I remember writing WDW a letter after that trip. I think it was out of 20 bus rides, 80-90% were stopped by ECVs. I was HOT!!!

    I guess what makes me upset now is that it's 9 years later and Disney, who can find a way to put us all where they want us to be with FP+, has yet to solve this problem. That's something that keeps me from pulling the trigger to return to WDW.
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    It would be great if WDW had EVC only transportation. It would be great if they could load them on something like a flatbed truck that had seat just enough for the EVC passenger plus one. If you were with a large party then they could take the regular bus and just meet you at your destination.
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    Quote Originally Posted by baldburke View Post
    It would be great if WDW had EVC only transportation. It would be great if they could load them on something like a flatbed truck that had seat just enough for the EVC passenger plus one. If you were with a large party then they could take the regular bus and just meet you at your destination.
    I feel like this is pretty insensitive. When I needed a wheelchair, I was going with my husband and 4 children. In this situation, he would have had to ride with the children, and I would not have been able to join them. How come people in wheelchairs aren't allowed to have the same amount of family time on a bus.

    Now that I don't need a wheelchair, I don't mind waiting. No one staring at me. No judgemental looks. No one complaining that it is unfair. I'm in Disney. I'm not in a rush to go anywhere. If I am tired, I leave before I'm exhausted. Yes, I am not at the park from opening to close, but I'm also not upset about some of the little things that other people are upset about. I'm not so tired that waiting for a wheelchair and party to board becomes an issue. I just look and say a prayer of thanks that I don't need one any more.
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    If I understand correctly, the Gondolas will take EVC's and wheelchairs. Families can ride together and there will be less bus traffic between the parks and resorts served by the Gondola lines. Now they just need to get them up and running!

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    Quote Originally Posted by luvdiznee View Post
    A little off topic question. Just wondering if they still pack people on the busses. I just remember the busses always having to ride with people packed like sardines...something I was never crazy about. Perhaps this would be a reason to look into uber or Minnie vans. I mean I understand needing to be economical but sometimes...
    Yep, we are packed on as thick and as deep as we can be pushed, poked and prodded toward the back of the bus. This typically only happens late at night, but it can happen early morning .... I don't mind it so much, if we are close to the park, that is !!
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