Hi! We just booked our trip to Aulani. I went through Expedia as the package deal was cheaper. I have vertigo and its triggered by riding in elevators. I found a past post of mine that was requesting info on who to contact for special medical request and got the WDW Special Needs number.

My question is regarding booking through Expedia. I tried to call Aulani directly to inquire about my reservation, and they just directed me back to Expedia. I hate booking through Expedia, but it was such a good deal I went ahead and did it. Does anyone have any experience with this? Should I just call Expedia again and have them add the request? Or can I call the Disney Special Needs number and will they be able to add that to my reservation? I thought about faxing the request to Aulani directly 2-3 days before arrival. I just want to make sure we are on a low level. I would hate to be at Aulani and suffering from vertigo.

Thanks for your help!