Star Tours launched the new "Star Wars Episode VIII" sequence on November 17th as planned. The structure of the ride experience has remained the same with new updates in several of the sequences.

Highlight below to fill in the details of the new ride experience:

{Warning: Mild Spoilers, do not highlight below if you wish to be totally surprised}

Sequence 1:

Your Adventure Starts with either an updated sequence with the probe droid or a new sequence featuring Kylo Ren.

Sequence 2:

The adventure continues to the planet of Jakku with the same sequence added for Episode VII

Transmission Sequence:

The transmission to your starspeeder features a message from BB-8, Poe Dameron or Maz Kanata.

Sequence 3:

After receiving the transmission, your adventure continues to the new Episode VIII sequence centered the planet Crait.

Finale Sequence:

Your adventure concludes on the planet Batuu--the new planet created for the Star Wars: The Galaxy's Edge land.

Further details have not been announced, however; two pieces of concept art have been released:

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Disney's Hollywood Studios has announced that the new Episode VIII sequence for the Star Tours attraction will debut November 17, 2017.


Walt Disney Imagineering has announced the destination of the new adventure to be added to Star Tours to celebrate Episode VIII. It was announced that the attraction will journey to the planet Crait from the upcoming movie.

Trailers for the film has shown a battle taking place on this planet, however; it was not confirmed if the Theme Park attraction will take Guests into the middle of this battle or somewhere else on the planet.


Walt Disney Imagineering has announced that a new "adventure" will be added to Star Tours to celebrate Star Wars Episode VIII:

Quote Originally Posted by Disney Parks & Resorts
During a D23: Destination D presentation today, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts Chairman Bob Chapek also shared that – for the first time – we are adding a new adventure to the Star Tours – the Adventure Continues attraction. Walt Disney Imagineering and Lucasfilm teams are currently in production to add an exciting new mission to the attraction based on elements from Star Wars Episode VIII.
It is implied that these additions will be more expansive than the characters & sequences added for Episode VII. Although no specific date was announced, it can be expected to be near the December 15, 2017 theatrical release of the film.