Quantcast Through the Eyes of a Ten Year Old Part 4
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    Default Through the Eyes of a Ten Year Old Part 4

    Out the door by 9:00 again, heading to the Magic Kingdom. The bus took forever to pick us up and it was crowded but we didn't have to stand like some others did.
    I did like not having to take two modes of transportation to get to the gate.

    Today we had fast passes for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Big Thunder Mountain, and Space Mountain. We also had tickets for the Halloween Party so this was a very long day.

    "Rollercoaster Mary" which I started calling her for more than one reason, was not impressed with the Mine Train. She feels the same as I do.....why is the ride so short? I can't understand why they spent all of that money and didn't make the track a little longer. She liked Space Mountain, we rode it three times before the night was over. She loved the Speedway which we did 4 times altogether...her driving skills gave me whiplash. She said the People Mover was boring, so was the Ariel attraction, Stitch would have been better if it moved, and Big Thunder Railroad was fun (rode it a total of 4 times). She liked the Jungle Cruise and Astro Riders (which I haven't done in years). We did the Haunted Mansion three times and she thought it was really cool. Twice during the day with very little wait and once during the party with an understandable long wait. We went into the Haunted Mansion store and got her Creepy Skull Picture done. It was so easy and came out really good. She rode the teacups and we both did Aladdin which were a thumbs up from her. I think we did Buzz either three or four times because she loves competition. Her favorite ride at the MK, really her favorite ride so far on the trip was Splash Mountain. We rode it five times! I hadn't been on Splash Mountain in probably 10 years. I don't like walking around soaked all day but I told her I wasn't going to deny her any rides at Disney except for three (TOT, Teacups, and Mission Space) so I did it. I had forgotten what a cool ride this really is. Love the music and the theming.....even after the big drop the ride isn't done...love it!

    Rides Mary refused to do....Pooh, Peter Pan, It's a Small World, COP, Philharmagic, Liberty Riverboat, or any shows.

    We had lunch at the Plaza which was fun...I have been eating there every trip for the last 5 or 6 years. To my shock when we sat down my waiter came over and said welcome back...thought he was just being nice....then he ask me if I was going to have the Vegetarian Sandwich again....I was so confused because that is what I always order there...He must have seen the look on my face and he said that he remembered me from April and also waited on me the trip before too. I can't even remember what I did yesterday let alone what someone else ate.....I gave him a 25% tip....for boosting my ego and for caring enough to make me feel special.......Mary on the other hand said it was creepy lol....you have to love those Philly girls they are tough cookies.

    When we entered the park in the morning I rented a locker for Mary's Halloween costume. She was a devil which was fitting for her personality. She changed into her costume and while walking out of the locker area a cast member told me in order to get my wrist band I would have to exit the park and stand in line to re-enter. I have been to so many parties I knew that was not true. She tried to stop me from continuing on but I just kept walking away from her. There was no way after being in the park all day that is was going to exit and get back in line. Of course I found a cast member in Tomorrow Land who was giving out the party wrist bands and got ours from her.

    We hit all of the Trick or Treat spots throughout the night with rides in between. I have to say, they were being a little tight with the candy this year (one stop we got two mini tootsie rolls), but our last two stops at the end of the night gave us fist fulls. Mary thought the fireworks were great. Poor planning on my part...we missed the parade, but she didn't care. We left the MK at 11 that night and went right to bed when we got back to the FQ.
    We hit rides that w
    Rita (aka NJGIRL)

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    It was really nice the waiter not only remembered you but also what your 'usual" dish is!! Sounds like you and Mary are having lots of fun!!
    Linda aka: Faline
    INTERCOT Staff: Vacation Planning,Trip Reports and Disney Camping

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    A pretty cool thing that happened at The Plaza! It sounds like a truly magical day, Rita. Glad you knew not to leave the park for your party band - that is silly a CM would direct you in such a manner. I am sorry you missed the parade but it sounds like party night was a success!
    Carol (aka KylesMom)
    INTERCOT Staff: Mousellaneous & Trip Reports
    Last Trip: ICOT 15
    Happy A/P Holder 2002 - 2011

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