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    Default Kennedy Space Center

    Anyone been to Kennedy Space Center recently? We are going there for one day in August and would appreciate any tips on how to tour, where to eat, etc.

    Any advice welcome!
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    We have been there several times...our last visit was October 2013. We usually go on our way back from our Disney cruises so eating was only to get a quick snack since we are always filled from our departing breakfast.

    Since we are only passing through, we only go for the day too. We only get to "skim" through most of the center and see a few shows. IMO it is a must see at least once. We have never taken the organized tours, which I hear are very good, because of time issues. Going offsite to their other facility is also supposed to be a very good tour. I think they even offer lunch with an astronaut, which my son would have loved when he was younger.

    I have always planned to make this a two day stop but never seem to be able to do it.

    I know I haven't given you a lot of detailed info, but I can say I believe you will enjoy your day at the center. We always do.
    Rita (aka NJGIRL)

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    It has been a few years since we last went but nothing has really changed since then so the same plan applies.

    If you want to see everything and do the tours, you need to be there at opening. If you get there a couple of hours after opening, you will not have time to do everything.

    As far as eating, I don't remember anything special. It is typical American theme park fare for the most part.

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    We were able to see everything in 6 hours in May.( two of the buildings we closed for renovations) IMHO the tour of the launch pad was the best part, we did not do the reserved tour, just the general tour.

    The food at KSC is the worst!!!! Yes as pp mentioned American fare-burgers chicken etc.
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    We've been twice, and quite enjoyed it both times!

    However, I do agree with the previous posters - the food is HORRIBLE (and really expensive). I don't know if there is much way around it, but I wouldn't plan for more than a light lunch.

    We've only ever done the general tour, but it is interesting and there is lots to do; plan a full day. If you make it over to the Hall of Fame, we've enjoyed our time there too! You have to take the time to read/participate in the exhibits, so depending on how interesting you find them, it may take you more/less time than us.

    We did the bus tour to the different buildings first, and then spent the later afternoon back in the "main" area, the rocket garden, etc. We figured we were able to walk back to our car when we were done, instead of having to wait for a bus. I also think we missed a few lines ... at least it wasn't all that busy for us.

    If you have AAA, buy your tickets in advance, it will save a few $$.
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    You definitely should arrive at opening. It is a lot of area to cover. We attended lunch with an astronaut (Sam Gremar). He was a fantastic speaker. Very engaging. He also went around to all dining tables and briefly spoke with you. At the end you could get your picture with him. The meal served was good.

    We loved KSC and would have loved to have been able to spend two days. In one day we felt somewhat rushed but we did to the lunch which was 2 hours although it was well worth it. Some parts of the park you have to take a shuttle which takes some extra time.

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    We were there in dec 2014...
    We treated ourselves and paid for lunch/ dinner with an astronaut ...the dinner was a buffet and great and your seated in tables of 8/10
    Well worth the money for the experience as you can ask questions as well and get a signed photo as well
    There are various eateries around the park and there fine
    The i max cinemas are a must and the tours are enlightening especially the replica of the Saturn 5 rocket
    The space shuttle simulator ride is a absolute must
    It's a full day and I am sure u will love every minute
    We're hoping to go back again this year
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    We used to live just 15 miles away from KSC and used to go several times a year, and it has gotten so much better since then! Last visit was about three years ago. I would definitely recommend doing the general bus tour and at least one IMAX movie. And aside from the Lunch With an Astronaut experience, they have several "Astronaut Encounter" shows each day (included with admission). Get there early and do the outdoor stuff (rocket garden and astronaut memorial) and bus tour before it gets hot, then do the indoor stuff in the afternoon.

    I don't recall the food being that bad, but we did used to bring food in with us sometimes. I don't think they allow that anymore.
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    We live an hour away and always take visitors to KSC. Each visit is interesting and rewarding. The visitor center area has been dramatically expanded and improved over the last two years. Space shuttle Atlantis is now on display in its own building, and they did an excellent job in showing off Atlantis and the shuttle program. There is a new restaurant with better food.

    The bus tour is a must. They take you away from the visitor center and into the sprawling launch complex area for a narrated tour. The highlight is a stop at the Apollo display building, with a real Saturn 5 rocket suspended from the ceiling. It will take your breath away. Take the bus tour first. It takes more than two hours.

    Here are our other "not to be missed" items:

    Space Shuttle Atlantis (an awesome display)
    The Shuttle Launch Experience (a fairly realistic simulation of a launch)
    The Apollo moon landing presentation (located in a theater at the Saturn 5 display)
    The Astronaut Encounter (twice daily presentation by a real astronaut)
    One of the two IMAX films at the end of your day.

    There is lots more to see and do depending on how much time you have. There are several attractions for kids. The Rocket Ranch is interesting to walk through.

    Plan to spend a full day. It's worth it.
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    Thanks everyone for this info. We will be doing this next summer!
    "Is there a 12 step program for this Mouse addiction?"

    Next Trips:

    11/18-11/29 Destination D:Amazing Adventures!! GF for two nights then Caribbean Beach with free dining...

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