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    Question Bussing to an early character breakfast?

    I will be staying at the All-Star Movies Resort this summer and currently have an early character breakfast reservation at Chef Mickey's at 7 AM. I've never stayed on property before to utilitize the onsite transportation, but I've heard it can be quite a chore. From some research, I've seen that the busses typically begin service an hour before the earliest theme park opening time... which on this particular day would be the Magic Kingdom at 8 AM, so I assume the busses begin running at 7 AM.

    Obviously, I cannot make a 7 AM reservation at Disney's Contemporary Resort when the busses only begin running to the theme parks at that exact time... so... am I missing something? How are guests to get to an early reservation like that? Is the only option to take a taxi cab? I'd rather not do that. Is my best option to visit the Magic Kingdom for rope-drop and then have the reservation rescheduled for a late breakfast when the park is getting busier, then just take the resort monorail over?
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    The only way to get to a 7AM breakfast would be a cab. Since that is not something you wish to do you should reschedule.
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    You can usually leverage early transportation to get places, but 7am is way too early; even 8am would be next to impossible. . Something like 8:30 would be the earliest, as long as it's at one of the monorail resorts. You'll still probably be a little late though...

    Places like Cape May, Boma, etc I would say it's best to choose sometime around 9:30 at the earliest, having to do two busses is very difficult in the am. They don't run from parks to resorts with any frequency in the early am, they are concentrating on resorts to parks. You would think it wouldn't matter, but my experience says otherwise.

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    Glad someone posted something like this....I almost forgot about early my breakfast at BoG....Park doesn't open until 9, my breakfast reservation is for 8:15...I guess I'm going to have to take a cab from POR???

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    You should be fine taking the bus.

    We do a couple early, pre-park ADR's every trip, and busses are always running.

    Although they are not as frequent, there is pre-park transportation to each park. I don't know why the Disney site sticks to the "one hour before park opening", since I think many of us have seen MANY busses far earlier than that. I know it hasn't been my experience at least. We've bussed to MK for 8:05 breakfasts many times without any issues. Since they aren't as frequent, you do need to be at the stop earlier than you think, since you don't want to miss one.

    For 7am, that's going to be tight, but anything around 8am or later, there will be MK busses running. I think the earliest I've seen them at POR/POFQ is just before 7am. Quite often, the driver will take people to their ADR's at 'Ohana and Chef Mickey's after dropping off at MK, but this isn't guaranteed.

    Taking a cab isn't expensive, and it is quicker and easier, especially early in the morning, but the busses are an option as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PopPhan View Post
    Glad someone posted something like this....I almost forgot about early my breakfast at BoG....Park doesn't open until 9, my breakfast reservation is for 8:15...I guess I'm going to have to take a cab from POR???
    We have never had a problem getting a bus from POR to our 8:05 AM ADRs at MK or elsewhere. We try to get the group together and heading over to the bus stop at 6:45. The latest we have ever been on the bus and on our merry way has been 7:20. You will be let into the park before opening which is the best part of all.

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    On our January 2015 trip we saw busses running as early as 6:45. But that'd be to MK and then you'd have to get to the Contemporary. Your 7 am reservation isn't going to work with bus transport.

    In the past we have on occasion used a taxi to get to a dining reservation when time was short or during bad weather. On our January '15 trip this did not work for us as some how info to the cab company got mangled (3 traveling instead of 5). We were very late to our supper at 1900 Park Fare. I asked Bell Services to call to tell them we were delayed and the folks at the restaurant said they hold reservations 20 minutes. I think we were beyond that.

    Also, the quickest way to the Contemporary from MK might be walking. This is not a bad distance at all and unless someone in our group really wanted to experience the monorail (and it was running) we would walk.

    We have had great meals at the Contemporary in the middle of the day, after MK gets insanely busy. Altho that was the counter service venue and not Chef Mickey's.


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