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    Default Warm Weather Getaway, travel day

    We packed the van the night before, got showered and dressed before the little ones got up and we were out the door. So far, so good. We checked in and got through BWI security and headed for the first shop to buy bottles of water to add to the baby's formula and our preschooler's water bottle. Then it happened - the great melt down, the panic, the fear, the insistence that he did not want to go onto the plane. As our four year old wailed, there were many sympathetic glances from other travelers. My mind raced, could this really be happening? He told us days before that he was most excited about being on a plane. He watched the cute movie about a little girl who travels on a plane. He and my husband had been role playing controller and pilot preparing for take off on the on ramp of the highway near our home. We coax him into going to the gate to "take a look at it." He wails that he wants to go home. The unbelievably experienced, professional, compassionate Southwest attendant told us that we would be let on first so he could acclimate but that we would be asked to leave if we couldn't settle him. My husband pulls out a video game with airplanes and uses it as en entry to talk about feelings about flying. I wish fervently for even just a moment in the Beach Club lobby. They let us on just after the wheelchair travelers. He tries running away from us several times in the covered passageway to the plane. Another unbelievably kind stewardess keeps coaching us, supporting us, encouraging us as we try to calm him down and my husband installs the baby car seat, all the while motioning to me that we should get off the plane. I asked him what he does to calm himself. Sing the A B C s. So we sing as passengers come on board. The other little kids smile. He wraps my arm around his waist asking if it will be ok. Breakthrough. The stewardess lets him choose his seat. We breathe a sigh of relief. Everyone is on board. My husband then realized that he lost his wallet...I leave the baby under the care of the stewardess and my husband on the other side of the aisle who is being clutched by the preschooler and run out of the plane, to the store where we bought the water, but it is not there. Another incredibly kind Southwest employee finds it in the sitting area. Back on the plane, singing ABCs during takeoff.
    I thank the stewardess with tears in my eyes. The only reason I am getting this desperately needed vacation is because of her and her colleagues.
    We arrive to the Beach Club, it is so beautiful. We got the king room! It's better than the pictures. We set up the baby bottle sterilizer, and all of our dry goods and baby stuff along the marble counter - there is a sink so no washing baby stuff in the bathroom! The staff brought a microwave and highchair and a new refrigerator that stays cold. Bell services happily took one of our ice pack sets to trade every day to keep formula cold in the parks.
    We made it for dinner just after our reservation time (we called ahead) at Il Mulino. We enjoyed homemade pasta and indulged in a bottle of wine, most of which we brought back to the room and enjoyed a bit every night rather than ordering a alcohol with every dinner. They we so nice and seemed really happy to hear that their restaurant is our traditional first night dinner and that we planned for it to be our last night dinner as well.
    We had a fabulous view from the room of the friendship boats and people walking to and from the lobby doors near the main pool. We fed the baby a bottle while watching the reflections of Epcot fireworks on the windows across the courtyard. So lovely, can't believe we made it!

    10/2005 BCV Studio Honeymoon
    first time ever to WDW!

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    Oh, Teresa, what a beginning to your trip!! I'm so glad your little one was able to get through his fears and your husband's wallet was found!! You really "earned" your lovely dinner of that evening!!
    Linda aka: Faline
    INTERCOT Staff: Vacation Planning,Trip Reports and Disney Camping

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    I truly cannot imagine the trying experience you were presented with, Teresa. I am so glad that everything finally worked and you arrived at the Beach Club successfully! I remember how happy we were when DS was little and we were given a King - sure starts the trip out right, doesn't it?!

    Looking forward to reading all about your trip!
    Carol (aka KylesMom)
    INTERCOT Staff: Mousellaneous & Trip Reports
    Last Trip: ICOT 15
    Happy A/P Holder 2002 - 2011

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    It sounds like you did the best you could with your little one and kudos to the Southwest staff for all they did to help you and your family get to your destination!

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    Next trip Nov 2017

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    It wasn't without stress or anxiety...but through the kindness of many people...YOU MADE IT TO DISNEY!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!

    That was a huge feat on it's own!!!!

    Thanks for the report. Bless your heart. YOU MADE IT!!!

    Next Up:

    Summer 2018... WE ARE BACK!!!
    2 families
    4 teenagers and Larry
    Taking on the parks!

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