This is a two part post.

What's the deal on the number of posts that come up under "new posts?" When I first came to Intercot it would be pages and pages at a time. Usually about a dozen or so and it seems like lately it's maybe one, but rarely more than three. Has Intercot changed their variables on what they consider a new post?

I mention this only because went I logged on to look at the new posts today it was only one page worth. So I did a search on my old posts because there were some threads I commented on recently and I wanted to see if there were any updates...and there weren't.

So it got me wondering if I was a thread killer. I looked at 200 of the most recent threads I was on and I'm last person on 23 of these or 11.5%. I guess that doesn't make me a thread killer?

Anyone else ever feel like a thread killer?