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Thread: EPCOT in 1 day?

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    Default EPCOT in 1 day?

    We normally take 2 days to tour EPCOT. Going down the 1st full week of April. Is it possible to see all of EPCOT in one day?

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    I think it depends on what exactly you want to do.

    With an early start, I'd expect you could hit the headliner rides (and the smaller ones), and take a walk around WS. But, you're not going to be able to do everything, especially if you want to see the performers and shows in WS.

    What are your "must-do's"?
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    You can do it in a day, but you will be rushed for sure. You won't be able to really take it all in if that is OK with you. Take advantage of the fastpass if there are things you need them for like Soarin', Test Track, Mission Space.

    Get there when the park opens and stay until the park closes and you'll probably see it all
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    I don't think it's possible to see ANY of the parks in just 1 day. This is exactly why we've gone to 8 day trips so that we can hit each park twice.
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    ...really need 2 days minimum for Epcot. One day in future world ..and second for the world showcase. On a typical 9 or 10 day WDW trip .....we hit Epcot at least 6 times!!!
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    You can do it, just have to know in advance that you will not be able to hit everything. But you can do the headliners and stroll through WS a couple of times, grab a couple of good meals.

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    I think a lot of it depends on what your objective is. If it is to check off boxes and try to see and do as much as possible, it can be done. If your objective is to really experience all that it has to offer it may be more difficult. You can definitely hit the headliners walk through each country and have a nice dinner in one day. You may miss the essence of many of the countries or the interactive component of Future World, but that may not be a priority for your family. If you try to two it all in one day I would recommend getting there at rope drop and staying right through Illuminations.
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    I think it's possible. I would arrive at opening hours and make sure you get a FP for Soarin' and Test Track. Then hit all the other attractions...they're not long waits.
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    "Do it all" for me is a no way. We like to spend time in the countries & that takes awhile. Can you do all your favs? Surely you could
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    Quote Originally Posted by JerseyDad View Post
    ...really need 2 days minimum for Epcot. One day in future world ..and second for the world showcase. On a typical 9 or 10 day WDW trip .....we hit Epcot at least 6 times!!!
    I agree. There is such a variety of live entertainment options available throughout EPCOT, particularly in World Showcase, which add to the experience. You would also need to plan for additional days in EPCOT if you plan to see any of the performances.

    Just a note - Our typical WDW trips are 14-16 days and we always spend a lot of time in EPCOT.
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    I think the simple answer is "no".

    I don't have the time do to this, but I bet if you added up the run times all off the films and acts in the WS, added the American Adventure, added in the Universe of Energy, and added in some significant estimated walking time, you'd be close to a full day already.

    But, luckily, you probably can see everything that *you* want to see in one day (depending on what that is). Everyone has attractions they don't like, attractions they don't terribly mind skipping because they've seen it many times before, etc.

    Certain people don't like thrill rides so it makes it very possible to "do it all" in one day.

    If you get there at rope drop and hit whichever E ticket attraction you don't have a FP+ for, it's possible.

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    You can do it in 1 day, as long as you plan well. Do your research, use FP appropriately, you can do it. The only asterisk is how much time you lose b/c of children etc. How often they need to nap/rest, bathroom, and autographs. But, if you hit it a full day, little luck and a lot of planning, you can do it in a day. Though, I do not recommend it. It is a full day, and you will be limiting yourself a little on a soaking up some of the theming in the world. But some some of the world showcase, there really isn't much to see (morocco, etc).

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    SEE it...yes. EXPERIENCE it and enjoy it...no. You will not be able to devote the amount of time to investigate all the countries in WS, and if you don't time it all out, you could spend way too much time waiting in lines for TT and Soarin'. Not to mention, needing to set aside some time to enjoy a meal at one of the WS countries.

    We usually go for a week to a week and a half, and spend significant time at EPCOT.
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