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Thread: Newbie to races

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    Default Newbie to races

    Never done a Disney race but hubby and I are dying to try! Thinking about signing up for a race next year (this year is out because of pregnancy).

    What was your first race?

    Which do you recommend if you could only do one (or one whole weekend)?

    Can men run in the Tinkerbell and/or Princess races?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ANG View Post
    Never done a Disney race but hubby and I are dying to try! Thinking about signing up for a race next year (this year is out because of pregnancy).

    What was your first race?

    Which do you recommend if you could only do one (or one whole weekend)?

    Can men run in the Tinkerbell and/or Princess races?
    Welcome to the wonderful world of runDisney! It's magical and very addicting.

    My first race was the Family 5K during Marathon weekend at WDW in 2012. I love Epcot, so that was a perfect one for me.

    Recommend? There is something I love about them all. I'd recommend picking a theme you enjoy, and going from there. All the race weekends are great fun.

    Yes, men can run the Princess and Tink races. My hubby just did the Princess weekend.

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    I just did my 1st race this past jan. A 5k during marathon weekend and it was an awesome experience. My wife and I are already planning next years marathon weekend.
    It's also very addictive. I keep looking at the races and saying I could make a quick trip down do a 5k and head home. Lol.
    Hope to see ya next yr
    Justin and Dawn (tiggerears)

    Next Trip:

    AoA For Star Wars Rival Run Weekend 4/4-4/7/19

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    My first Disney run was a Halloween 5k in 2010. Before I knew it was was registered for the Princess Half in 2011! Currently counting the days to my third race; Tower of Terror 10-miler this October!!
    3/88 & 3/91 off site
    3/02 ASMov
    10/03 ASSp
    5/04 adults only!(POP)
    11/04 ASMov
    1/06 CBR
    3/07 5th anniv.(POP)
    2/08 ASMov
    10/10 5k-solo trip!(ASMov)
    2/2011 princess half(POR)
    10/2012 MNSSHP(AoA)
    10/2014 ToT 10-miler(CBR)
    11/2017 family trip(POP)

    1/2019 ASMusic

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    My first race was the Wine and Dine Half in 2012. I did it again last year, along with the Jingle Jungle 5K. I was planning on the Half in 2015 during Marathon weekend, but the new Avengers race has trumped that for now. I would love to do them both, but it's just not in the finances right now.

    I think that which ever you choose, you'll choose right!

    Many, many trips as a kid with family
    Last trip: November 2013
    Next trip: June 2014 - Just me and my son!

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    Our first race was the Royal Family 5K during Princess Half weekend 2012. We ran as a family, and had a blast. But it was more of a casual, brisk walk around the park, with stops for pictures, etc.

    This past January, I ran the Half during WDW Marathon weekend, and it was amazing. My mission this past run was 1) Get the Bling, and 2) be part of as much as I could. This was not a park hoping power tour trip. Getting up early for the run meant early to bed Friday. And getting into town Thursday late, meant getting to the expo to check in on Friday. You can see the hurdles popping up.

    Did I go to the parks, Of course! In fact I was in Epcot every day of my 4 day stay. But I made time to make new friends by hitting the Column Friday afternoon, Jellyrolls Sat night and the cheering section at the studios Sunday morning.

    The running was fulfilling too. I never will look at the parks the same way again. Running through the Castle was life changing. Part of that Castle is mine now, as is every part of the park I ran through. It made a special place even more magical.

    If you are looking at running at Disney as a means to Run better faster stronger, Don't. It is not that kind of event. If you are looking at 5,10k, 13.1 or 26.2 mile of memories, by all means do it.

    I am looking at the Tower of Terror 10 miler next with maybe, 26.2 miles in 2016.

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    Default runICOT

    My first 5K was a fun run (Dirty Girl). I set a goal to get in shape and that included running and kickboxing. Then I did a 6.6K in Pittsburgh (Mario Lemieux). Then another 5K.

    I was already scheduled for January WDW marathon 5K before I did the 6.6 so I was a little bummed I didn't sign up for the 10K too. Like everyone says, runDisney is a bit addictive.

    Running at Disney (even when you're staying at a resort) is like nothing else and I hope to see you for #runICOT in January!
    Then: #runICOT 1/16
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    #runICOT 1/15
    OKW 7/14
    BWV #runICOT 1/14
    VBR and BCV 7/13
    AoA 10/12 iCOT 15th!
    VBR, OKW, Magic, & AKL 5/12
    BCV, BLT, Dream 8/11
    BWV 9/09
    AKV & DCL Magic 5/09
    POR 11/08 (no KIDS)
    BWV 6/08
    SSR 11/07
    AKL - 5/06
    Offsite 6/05
    ASM 7/99
    Offsite 3/97

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