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    Default BrerSchultzy's "This Should Not Have Been the Best Trip Ever" Trip Report - Last Day

    I genuinely did not want to write this last day's trip report, because it's like leaving WDW all over again. I have had entirely too much fun writing these reports, and I can't thank you all enough for your kind words in response. With that said, here we go:

    CAST: 4 very excited Schultzs

    Our last day in the parks has to be MK. There really is no other option. And as I have stated earlier, I'm bound and determined to get to the opening show (there's a great video of Sam as a 2 year old seeing this show...he had never seen the characters in person before, and he's on my shoulders, and you can see him light up as he frantically waves hi to all his Disney friends...I can still hear him yelling "Hi MIckey, Hi Goofy, Hi P-yoo-yo" (That's Pluto for those of you who don't speak 2 Year Old).

    Unfortunately, DW and I wake up a little under the weather, and we're dragging this morning. Since we're already running a little late, we decide to drive into the parks....this will also give us one last ride on the monorail. Sadly, this is the biggest mistake we made all trip. Getting there wasn't too bad...although since it was a Saturday, they had all of the closest parking lots marked off for VIP parking. So we had to hit the tram. Grr.
    Oh well, if we hustle to the monorail, we can still make it in time for the opening.......
    Monorail's not moving. Grr.
    Oh well....we'll catch the opening next time we come.

    This day started off like every other day in MK this trip...IASW. Twice. I took DD to change her, and to get myself some coffee, whil DW and DS rode IASW and Peter Pan one more time. We met up at the Tea Cups which ended up being a huge hit with Sam. So much so that he literally bounced out of the ride to grab my hand and take me on it! The pattern has returned!

    DW wants the kids pictures on the carousel, so we head over there, used to spending a lot of time in line...but yet again, we walked right on the Carousel. First time around, Sam got a horse, and DW and DD rode the carriage. 2nd time around, DW, DD and DS rode the carriage, and Daddy had to ride the horse that was pulling the carriage. Managed to sneak some pictures of the new castle walls, since the construction walls had just come down from around them. DW and I were excited about how these walls looked...imagine what we're going to be like when they open the whole thing!

    Time for 2 more voyages on POTC...after the second one, Sam wanted his very own hook...which, it turns out, is only $3.50. Easily the best bargain of the trip. It didn't leave his hand for the rest of the day.

    DW and I convince the kids that they really want to see the Enchanted Tiki Room...in truth, I really wanted to see the Enchanted Tiki Room back the way I remember it. I am so very happy that this has been returned to its original state. And I'm happy to be able to see the pre-show...for some reason, I remember always missing the pre-show, or having taller people in front of me.

    Sam didn't like the thunder and lightning, but enjoyed the rest of the show. Sadly, we forgot how Zetta was suddenly afraid of birds (remember Mexico?), and she spent most of the show hiding in mommy's arms.

    Most of the rest of the day went like this...we bounced back and forth from IASW, Buzz and POTC. Lunch was Columbia Harbor House...DW got the Grilled Salmon this time, because she hates having the same thing twice, no matter how good it was the first time. Having stolen more than a couple of fork-fuls of her plate, I can attest that nowhere else will you find Grilled Salmon that good at a fast-food restaurant.

    I had the fish & chips again. Still good.

    At some point in time DW got to ride BTMRR, and we got matching outfits for DS and DD...then we took our favorite picture ever of the two of them in front of the castle. What is it about that castle? It just makes everything better.

    DW really wanted to take DS on the Speedway, since I got to do it last trip, and DS still talks about it. It was deemed a great success by both, but DW has decided that DS can't be driving us home any time soon. Which is good...since he's 4. It's funny...before I had kids, this ride seemed so out of place that it bordered on being pollution. Now, I can't imagine MK without it.

    More Buzz. More IASW. At some point DW finally got to ride HM (it's her favorite ride in WDW, but she's looking forward to riding it with her family again, once Sam decides it's not too scary).

    Then we had our only disappointing meal of the entire trip. We went to Pecos Bills for dinner, and DW ordered the Taco Salad, and I got the BBQ. Did you know the "Taco Salad" is just a tortilla bowl and ground beef? The rest of the "Salad" is the stuff you can scrounge up from the fixins bar. The salad looked gray and inedible. My BBQ was WAY too sweet, and more like a sloppy joe than a pulled pork sandwich.

    Well, you can't win 'em all. And this was an excellent excuse to get popcorn and Dole Whip. You know what they say...every gray cloud has a pineapple-flavored lining.

    So, I'm just going to jump to "the story", as it shall forever be known in my household. Here's the scenario:

    We decide to watch Wishes from Fantasyland, so we can jump on IASW one last time and then stake out a spot for the 10 PM Electrical Parade. Sam loves the fireworks. Zetta loves the fireworks. DW and I remember the time we visited WDW for one day after we'd been dating a couple of months and saw the Fireworks together....and the time we were on BTMRR during the fireworks on her Birthday before the kids were born. Wishes has a very special place in our hearts (as I'm sure it does for a lot of people).

    Toward the end of Wishes, while the kids are singing "Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight...", DW leans down to Sam and says he can wish for anything he wants....and DS closes his eyes real tight, and is clearly concentrating on something. Then the show ends.

    We grab the kids, race to IASW, park the strollers, run down the ramp, and right as we're about to get on the boat, we look at Sam...

    ...and tears are streaming down his face. It's that silent cry...parents know what I'm talking about. He's not crying to get anything...he's crying because he's really, really sad.

    Erin asks Sam what's the matter.

    "I forgot to wish to be a pirate."


    He curls up in his mommy's lap for our last ride of the trip, and sniffles.

    I have never felt so bad at something so adorable in my entire life. And probably never will.

    Well, halfway through IASW I remember the Wishing Well behind Cinderella's Castle, and I'm sure this will save the day. I tell Sam all about it........and he doesn't believe me.

    So we head over to the Wishing Well, and he sees Cinderella, and declares that this is a princess wishing well, not a pirate wishing well. DW and I frantically search for a CM to convince Sam that this is the real deal...enter Elizabeth of Castle Couture, or, as we like to call her, the Trip Saver. Erin takes Sam to Elizabeth and says "is it true a little boy can wish to be a pirate in that Wishing Well out there?" To which Elizabeth brightly responded "of course, that's what Wishing wells are for!" Then she gives same very detailed instructions on how to make a wish in the well. He gleefully skips out of the store, takes a quarter from me, closes his eyes, turns around....

    And then he asks if pirates can live with their mommies and daddies.

    MY GOODNESS!!!! Can this kid be any more of a Hallmark special!??!?!? At this point, I fully expect Wilford Brimley and Hayley Mills to be sitting on rocking chairs nearby while Burl Ives sings a charming little ditty and animated blue birds swoop in. I know there are some parents out there who think it's detrimental to cater to kids fantasies the way we do...I know because people have told us that. But his wish was as real to us as it was to him...and that is what makes WDW more than a collection of theme parks. It's why none of us can explain why we spend hours a day talking to other adults about how much we love singing dolls and robotic pirates.

    Anyway, now you know why we spoil the heck out of this kid.

    Wish made. Trip made. Time to find a spot for the parade. Little did we know that we'd be viewing the parade with 10 of our closest friends....seriously...nobody stayed for the second parade. Sam got so much personal attention, and when Captain Hook saw Sam wearing his hook, he waved and pointed...and Sam could not have been happier. And every single one of the patriotic dancers blew him a kiss. He was a happy young man.

    Time to go. In all honesty, nothing could have topped this day. Even the unfortunate 20 somethings who wouldn't give up their seat on the monorail to DW who was holding a sleeping DD, and the crowded and bumpy tram ride back to the car couldn't put a damper on this day. We drive wordlessly to POP, get the kids in bed, and think about how lucky we really are...not only to be in WDW....but to be here with these kids.

    Up next...the trip home, and final thoughts.

    Ohana means family....
    Schultzy means crazy family!

    Last Trip: November 2015 At POP

    Next Trip: May 2017 at POP...again. Unless the FP+ thing isn't worked out. Then we'll go to Dollywood. Or just stay home and look at pictures.

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    What a beautiful story and a great ending to your trip. Thanks for sharing your family's magic with us. I really enjoyed your reports.
    Cindy aka AgentC
    INTERCOT Staff: Accommodations, Dining, Movies, TV, Music & Musicals

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    Wow...just wow. What an awesome day.

    40 trips (plus two to Disneyland, and one to Disneyland Paris) and counting!

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    ok... i've got tears in my eyes. what a magical day! thanks for sharing it with us!!
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    Wonderful report...it's not just the 20 something's...I was carrying a full sized stroller (which was OK), and my DD was 6 months PG and carrying her 2 year old and adult men wouldn't give up their seats...and there were not many of us standing, and those men got on with the wheelchair grandparent (yep, all ten of them)...still upsets me when I think about it!
    Pirate Granny

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    I am so sad your reports are over!! I really enjoyed them, and feel like I know you and your kids... tribute to your writing style!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful last day, and kudos to CM Elizabeth... way to make a little boy's day, and exactly what we're supposed to do for our kid's dreams. So glad your trip turned out to be SO great, even though it started out a little bit rocky!! Looking forward to your next trip & reports already!

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    Next -
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    What great reports. The end is always so bittersweet.
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    It's wonderful that your trip ended with dreams and wishes intact!! Thanks for your trip reports! I've greatly enjoyed following along with your family as you enjoyed your trip to Disney World!!
    Linda aka: Faline
    INTERCOT Staff: Vacation Planning,Trip Reports and Disney Camping

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    Absolutely sitting at my desk at work with tears in my eyes! I love seeing sweet moments with families, even as an outsider with no kids, me and my Moma could never afford trips to WDW when I was little so seeing other people get those moments make me so happy!! We spend our trips doing lots of people watching for this reason!! I am so happy yall had such an amazing trip!!! Thank you for writting these reports, they have honestly been so wonderful to read!!!
    You can't take the sky from me

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    Great trip......time to start planning the next one. I noticed from your reports how we share similar experiences. My Mom and Dad began taking my brother and I to WDW in 1973 the year I was born and most years thereafter when they could afford it. My greatest memories of my childhood were made at the Poly and Contemporary (especially the Food and Fun center you mention). It is amazing how many memories come back to you while you are spending time with your wife and own kids making new memories. Back in July we stayed at the Contemporary for one night before moving to the Dolphin and that one night meant so much because of the feelings I had staying there again. That is exactly what makes Disneyworld special!
    My first home is in Coastal Georgia, 30 feet from the saltwater marsh, and 3.5 hours from WDW!My second home is the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort!CR,Poly,GF,BC,BW,WL,AKL,Dolphin,Swan,DL,CSR,POFQ,C BR,POP,AS,Vero.

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    I just wanted to thank you so much for writing your trip reports. I fell in love with your family and your vacation. You all definitely needed a vacation after a crazy summer and I'm so glad you all had a wonderful time.

    I crawled in my bed reading your trip reports on my kindle fire and I felt like I was reading a bedtime story myself.

    Btw, where did you do plays in Richmond, VA? It's not too shabby of an area, even if I do live south of the river now.
    VMK: CL_MissAstroCat

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    Magical day for sure. I can see why you spoil your son, too cute and what memories for all of you he made. I was sorry to read that you didn't get to see the Opening show at the Magic Kingdom, it is a great way to start your day.
    POLYNESIAN (Favorite), Grand Floridian, Caribbean Beach, Coronado Springs. Beach Club, Saratoga Springs, AoA, All Star Sports and POP Century

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    I too am sad these trip reports are over

    Really enjoyed reading them and learning about your family. Literally there were moments I was laughing out loud
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    I enjoyed hearing about your "best vacation ever". Thanks for sharing it with us.



    AoA-12/12, 9/13

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    Thank you so much for the trip reports!
    October 2013
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    Sounds wonderful

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    Thanks for all the wonderful Reports!
    şoş David, Lisa, Aaron and Allison
    00-CB & ASMo
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    07-PO / CR
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