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    Default Water parks with 4 and 2 year olds

    We are leaving in 2 weeks for disney and wanted to know what the most fun things to do at blizzard beach were, our daughters, Mia(4), and Analee(2) will be going for the first time and we want everything to be fun and joyful for them, We are staying at the carribean beach the first 2 nights, but we are taking a free day on the 3rd day of vacation and will be switching to the contemporary.. so we are very excited but worried about the water park day..

    our questions are,

    1. Are they allowed in the lazy river??
    2. Will they get really bored in the kids section??
    3. Are they allowed to go in the shallow part of wave pool??

    and we are leaving at around 3:30 for dinner at Boma at 5pm. and will not get there till an hour after opening probrably
    thanks guys
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    Personally, I'm not sure I'd bother with a water park for kids the ages of your two. They do have a kiddie section for the little ones. They will be allowed into the lazy river but, of course, you'll need to watch them closely there.

    I'm not sure I'd let them in the wave pool at all. The area is very busy with lots of folks coming in and out. When the wave machine is running, there is quite a strong outgoing current when the wave goes back. Additionally, when the wave machine is running, lots of folks are riding it as far as they can - and/or running away from it! I could see that it would be very easy for toddlers to be accidently knocked over or trampled by those using the pool and/or knocked over just by the current.

    I'd probably stick with the resort pool until they're a bit older.
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    Thumbs up

    Sorry but I have to disagree with the previous post. I will be returning in a few days with my own little ones who are 2 and 4. They are so looking forward to the waterpark day. We have been taking the girls since they were babies and we go the waterpark each time. I have to admit my girls like Typhoon Lagoon better than Blizzard Beach but I am sure either is fine.

    The splash and play area at TL is great. The kids love it. We do take them in the wave pool for short stints, especially to get a photo pass photo. We leave the pool at TL before any waves because they are really too choppy for little ones.

    The small slide area is great and you can practically follow them all the way down the winding slide. The lazy river is a favourite for both my kids. The tubes to ride (or donuts as they call them) have a filled in center for little kids.

    You can get life jackets at guest services and don't forget to bring your pails and shovels because some vacation time playing in the sand is a must.

    We choose to rent a cabana because we like the peaceful space and the opportunity for shade when spending the whole day but if you don't want the expense then just remember swim hats, swim shoes, lots of sunscreen and possibly the rash guard shirts for swim suits instead of traditional bathing suits.

    I am a former lifeguard and my DH is a good swimmer so we enjoy spending time at the water and it is definitely something the kids are learning to love as well. We take them to many waterparks during various vacations and as long as you take your cues from the kids about what they are ready for and not ready for, you are all sure to have a great time.
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    Eh, I don't know. We took our boys to Blizzard Beach at ages 4 and 5 and I think that might have still been a bit too young. Maybe they were in the "in between" stage that made it difficult, but the kiddie area was super boring and I HATED how we would lose sight of them really easily. We left the kiddie area after a couple minutes. The bigger slides were maybe a bit *too* thrilling for my 4 year old; after one ride down a tube slide, he was done and just wanted to swim in the bobbing waves pool. My older one was a bit more daring and DH and him went off and rode a couple more slides.

    My kids have always been excellent swimmers and love water parks now, but at the ages of 2 and 4 I would not have spent the money to go to a water park. I think you will find that the pool area at CBR is really great for little ones. The biggest problem with the water parks at that age is that the ADULTS have to pay full price, but you really won't get to do very much. There are minimum height requirements for the larger slides. The lazy river can be fun, but little kids will have a hard time staying in the inner tubes if you can't get hold of a kid sized one with a solid bottom.
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    I also have to disagree I think if your kids are excited it is woth it to see them having a good time.. at that age it is really more about them having fun then you, of course you still need to have fun, I see little kids that look 2 to 4 that are having more fun then teens and adults,

    Have fun

    I Love Disney

    been 23 times 24th is coming soon!!:)

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    For the little ones, I think Typhoon Lagoon is betterr. Yes, just my opinion, but with my grandsons, Blizzard Beach was too dangerous. They allow tubes in the wave pool and even some older kids were just over run by them. At TL my little guys loved the small slide on the side of the big wave pool and wandering around the edges as the waves came in. If you go, I'd take them to TL...They also loved watching the sharks in their "cave" under the shark pool!
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