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    More than not we go for the atmosphere. If we really find that we do not like the food though, we would not go there a second time.

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    That would be everything at the MK. The food isn't great, good maybe, but the ambience at the Royal Table, LTT, Crystal Palace is really nice. The ambience makes it worth it.
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    Thanks so much to everyone who replied. I felt a little bit more normal... haha!

    I'm ready to book a second vacation now just to eat at some of these other places you all listed!
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    its not always easy to find a place w good food and atmosphere. some places have both.
    atmosphere is San Angel def. food has been ok to soso.
    Tokyo Dining has good food, service and a good view.
    Artist Pt has good food. And WL is a great resort to look around
    CA Grill has a great view. food is good
    Rose & Crown and Raglan Rd are both decent for t pub atmospere type, although RR might have and edge on food.
    I say try the places in WS, you get some of both atmosphere and diff food.
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    Over the years my family and I have eaten at pretty much every place there is to eat on Disney property believe it or not, it is really hard to find a bad one. I know it will sound crazy but one of the best memories and what I felt was great atmosphere was when my boys were small eating Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches, chips and drinks we bought on Tom Sawyer Island, and eating them near a fort on the island. I’m not sure if they even still offer this food it has been 15 years. Not a 5 star dining exp. but it was really neat.

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    90% of the time we go for the food but there are times when we pick a place to dine based on atmosphere - that would be true for us with Rose and Crown (love watching Illuminations while eatting) and SciFi for sure.

    PS - Tell your DH that they have great Mac and Cheese at Garden Grill as well. It is on the kids menu. My DH loves it

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    Form follows function! Food first.

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    Very good thread. Food vs. atmosphere. Really got me thinking.

    Food has to come first. Service is also a huge criteria. And well, since it's Disney, atmosphere is important.

    In the MK, one can't beat Cindy's for a setting. LTT has a nice theme. Alas, food in both places is just okay.

    I agree that both the R&C and San Angel have great atmospheres. While we've had good meals at both, most recently the food has been just okay.

    The GF has some great choices. Both Citrico's and Narcoossee's enjoy a wonderful atmosphere (give the edge to Narcoossee's here), a stellar menu, and exceptional service. V&A's would win the argument hands down, but that's for another thread.

    We've enjoyed the Flying Fish (my personal fave) and Cali Grill, but the atmosphere at both is more hustle and bustle (read: loud).

    Contrary to many reviews, we've had nothing but great experiences at the Coral Reef. And that atmosphere can't be beat.

    So I guess it suffices to say that atmosphere & theming, while important, are not the primary choices for us.

    Oh, and how about ESPN? For the sports lover, it can't be beat. But for food, well... Not so great.

    The atmosphere at most Disney dining establishments is great. But the food at some locales runs circles around others. We go for the food!

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    I think all of the TS restaurants at Disney tray to have some kind of special atmosphere, after all it is a land of "theme" parks. Some have more/better "atmosphere than others.

    But in general, for me, food quality always comes first. Some of the best meals I've ever had have been at restaurants that some would call a shack, a dump, a quonset hut or back alley dive. Little to no atmosphere, unless you call the lack of any kind of theming or decoration atmosphere in itself. But the food was to die for. I visit these places over and over again. Most often, they are fairly cheap, too; especially compared to restaurants that focus on atmosphere. But there are not really any places like this at WDW. Maybe somewhere in Orlando. Usually they are well hidden and frequented by mostly locals.

    Second comes quality service. Although I will put up with a long wait if the food is really worth it. But no matter how great the service is, it can't make up for poor food quality. Fortunately most places that have excellent service know how to prepare really good food.

    Atmosphere comes third for me personally, although it is certainly a bonus to the dining experience when you have some really cool theming along with great food and service. There are several places at WDW where this comes through. For us, we have really enjoyed California Grill, Teppan Edo, and O'hana as places where we have like all three aspects.
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    OK this is just my opinion on sci fi.. it was really bad the steak was gross, and any that touched the fries ruined them, and it had brocoli:/ but there are other things to choose

    bad day for my family... we had done the princess tea that afternoon at the grandfloridian and didnt like food there either, not good..

    our favorites are..

    Rose and Crown we love outside tables
    coral reef
    50s prime time
    crystal palace for Breakfats
    chef mickeys for breakfast
    1900 park fair

    and food comes before atmosphere

    I Love Disney

    been 23 times 24th is coming soon!!:)

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