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    Default Port Orleans or Caribbean Beach?

    My Fi and I are just starting to plan our December 2012 honeymoon. This will be our second trip to WDW together. The last time we stayed at Port Orleans Riverside, it was my fiance's first stay on property and he loved it. We said when we got back we'd stay at the french quarter.

    But, Fi was looking over my shoulder while I was poking around the disney website last night and he really liked Caribbean Beach. I stayed at CB many years ago with my parents but don't remember much on it.

    I'm pretty go-go-go on WDW vacations while my FI tolerates my obsessiveness on these trips I may need to give in a little and let him do some relaxing on our honeymoon. Also despite visiting WDW for over 25 years this will be my first ever holiday trip. So I'm looking for your pro/cons for both... which would you choose?
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    Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! We have stayed at POR and CRB. Both are wonderful resorts and each has a unique theme. We prefer POR though. We just love the theme and decor. I also favor the foodcourt at POR. The boat to DTD is a plus as well. Which ever way you go you will have a wonderful time. Enjoy this time together and make great memories!
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    We loved both - if he likes the vibe at CB, it would be fun to experience together. Hopefully there will be future trips and other resorts to experience

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    I don't know if CBR has queen beds yet, but POFQ does ... I'm 6'2" and over 250#. It makes a difference to me, but it may not to you.

    We stayed at CBR a while back, and while the 'towel animals' were magnificent, the theme and food court were not very spectacular -- fairly plain. Pool not much to remember, either.

    We haven't stayed at POFQ yet, but we will in August and from what we've seen and heard, it should be a winner.

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    I'm not a big fan of CBR after staying here last September. Our family thought the grounds were beautiful but far too big for us. We had quite a hike to the food court and pool. We had to go to the main building once and had to drive there it was so far. When we would leave to get our car or catch a bus we had to hike through the parking lot that was under construction. It was so undisney. We have stayed and POFQ several times and we will be here again in Sept/Oct. We love the small, quiet size of this resort. The boat to DD and location are also favorites of ours. We also are excited to see the new renovated rooms. We also like being close enough to POR to use there boats, restaurants, and pools. It's a very pretty walk over too. But as you read other replys there are those who love CBR, it is all about what you and your FI will like.

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    Congrats! I haven't stayed at either, but have visited both. I'd say it's a tough question, but also a no lose situation. CBR does have a sit down restaurant, which I always like, though you could always take the boat to POR for Boatwright's if you stay at FQ.
    I'd give a slight edge to POFQ, because being smaller, might be better for a couple.
    Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by darthmacho View Post
    ....I'd give a slight edge to POFQ, because being smaller, might be better for a couple.
    Good luck!
    I agree. POFQ probably the better choice for a couple. CBR is a large resort. Stayed at both and like POFQ better. You can also take a nice stroll along the water to POR.

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    We are huge fans of CBR. We have stayed several times, and have had great times every time! We love the whole theme of the resort-it's very colorful and relaxing. The pool is amazing since it has been redone. We really enjoy the foodcourt as well. It is a very large resort that is spread out quite a bit, but we haven't found it to be a problem. Have a great trip!
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    Having stayed at both, I would go with POFQ. It is the most "romantic" of the moderates (my wife and I had our honeymoon there). It is also small enough so that nothing is too far away. The water taxi's are nice and it has been recently updated.
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    POR or POFQ

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