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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRustyScupper View Post
    1) There have been legit complaints about maid service.
    2) Other than that, I would not worry about the other things you mentioned.
    Like mentioned before, if you're looking for negative, then you're sure to find some....but for us, and see my signature, we've stayed at POR many times and have ZERO complaints with mousekeeping ... NONE !!! Maybe it depends on your building...we have only ever stayed in building 18/14/15......NO WORRIES !!
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    Thanks to everyone for your responses! Very helpful. I agree that you can find a bad review -- as evidenced by the bad reviews of CBR I've seen which are completely contrary to my experience there.

    So here's a more specific question. I'm planning to ask for Magnolia Bend vs. Alligator Bayou. What are your thoughts on that? Also, although I know no request is guaranteed, I'd like to ask for a building that is convenient to the bus stop but not too far from the food court, pool, etc. We always asked for Jamaica in CBR for this reason -- perfect location close to a bus stop and a quick walk to Old Port Royale.


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    We love the grounds at POR, and the amenities. The rooms are not deluxe, but they're clean, and have everything we need: fridge, TV (can't miss our Stacey!) beds for 4-5, two sinks, a safe, adequate storage - what's not to like? The Alligator Bayou rooms are rustic in theme; I'm told the rooms at Magnolia Bend are fancier, but we always stay at AB for the trundle beds. (Moment of panic: I don't know if the refurbs will change the trundle beds?)

    As far as Mousekeeping goes - we tip every morning, to make sure that each maid who works the room gets her share. We've never had anything but fabulous from Mousekeeping. I can't say if there's a connection there or not.

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    Glad you're more comfortable with your resort choice we have NOTHING BUT GREAT things to say about POR. We have always been treated with the best service there. The rooms are always clean and tidy and we've never wanted for space, even with 5 in a room. We've done two rooms at POP a couple times, and POFQ once...yes, part of the reason we chose POR is the trundle bed. But even without the need for the extra bed, we're sticking with POR for our "second honeymoon" trip. It has such charm and is such a peaceful and beautiful resort!

    We've only stayed in Alligator Bayou, and at first, I was jealous of those in the Mansion rooms lol. But we really love Alligator Bayou. The decor is charming and just makes me feel cozy and comfy! And the quiet pools are amazing! Our kids love basically having a pool to themselves, even during the hot and humid summer months. And it's nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of the main pool sometimes.

    Either way, I think you can't go wrong at POR. It's definitely become our home away from home at Disney.
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    I have stayed in both sections of POR. AB is charming in its rustic look and feel. Mag bend has the feeling of sophistication. Mag Bend, to me, has the feeling of staying at Grand Fl (having never stayed at GF I can only imagine what it would feel like).

    As for the transportation:
    AB rooms are within short distance of the first two bus stops and should be able to get on any bus without trouble. MB has two bus stops, however, I would take a few minutes to walk to the main bus stop as I have had trouble with full buses by the time they get to the two MB depots. Last time we stayed at POR MB we just walked to the main stop at the lobby as it only took 3-4 min from the farthest south MB building.
    The other nice transportation option is the river cruise to downtown. The boats are small, but the trip is quite relaxing and a nice change of pace from the buses.

    I would stay at POR again, but alas we will be just down the river at POFQ come June.
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    We stayed at POR for one night on our last trip before switching to Boardwalk and we loved the resort. It was very cozy and charming. We stayed in AB for the trundle bed and we actually plan on staying there for a full trip next year--that's how much we loved the resort.

    We only rode the bus once to the MK and it was full. We got on at the main stop in the front by the lobby and it went straight to the MK rather than making any additional stops at the resort. So I can't comment on the transportation.

    The only other moderate we've stayed at is CSR, which we also really enjoyed. But I would choose POR over CSR.
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    I agree with everyone else about the bad reviews. I once read a bad review about POR...they complained that the weather was bad on their boat trip to DTD...like that is the resorts fault...Disney can do great things but controlling mother nature is not one of them. We have stayed twice at POR and loved it both times..it is so beautiful and peaceful after the crowds and such at the parks. This most recent trip we were in building 38 in the AB section. We were real close to Acadian House and the North Depot was close as well. It was maby a 5 min. walk to the main pool and slightly longer for the main buildings. We had a standard view and we looked at a very pretty little courtyard. We just love POR and would go back in a heartbeat.
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    POR is our favorite resort. We've stayed in both AB and MB and found the rooms clean and quiet, and each time they've honored our requests (floor, building, section). The quiet pools are very nice, and just walking or biking the grounds is a lot of fun. Even as a moderate, we liked it more than WL and AKL. Can't beat the boat ride to DTD either - overall a great place to stay - enjoy!!
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    We stayed at POR in 2010, in Magnolia Terrace, we loved it, and are considering staying there again in the future.

    I loved the atmosphere there, the theming and decor were fabulous, and the restaurant and food court were very good.
    We had few problems, if any, getting around via the bus, though they tended to be quite crowded at night on the way home after park closings. That seemed more of a WDW issue than a POR issue.

    The only minor complaints we had were a red stain in the bath area we originally feared was blood, but then realized was probably nail polish, the food court was really crowded early mornings and late at night, and lastly that they made us check out at the end of our stay. Seriously? I really felt they should have let us stay indefinitely for no charge. What's up with that?

    Long story short: POR was a good choice of accommodations.
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    We absolutely LOVE Port Orleans! It's a FANTASTIC hotel and I would have no worries whatsoever. You will love it 2!!
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    I would take POR over CBR in a heartbeat. Jamaica is a great section in CBR. I would recommend Magnolia Terrace. There is a bus stop right out the back of the building. The main building is a shorter walk from Magnolia Terrace than it is to go to Port Royale from Jamaica.

    And the build your own pasta station is awesome
    I'll meet you at the Rainbow Bridge.

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    We love POFQ! It is my favorite moderate resort that I've been to. The New Orleans theme is cool, the bus stop is never crowded, the quick service food is good with a big selection and the CM's are great! The last time I was at POR was when it was Dixie landings. I liked the resort too but I would pick French Quarters over Riverside.
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    We prefer the Alligator Bayou...ask for Bldg 15 or 18...very short walk to everything! Bus stop, food court, main building and main pool! This is where we always request and have always been granted our request!

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