Rules on Posting About ADR's

Just a friendly reminder that Walt Disney World's Advanced Dining Reservations (ADR's) are non-transferable.

This means Guests can not "give" their reservation to another Guest or swap one reservation for another.

While the intent of these transactions are in the spirit of helpfulness, it is against Walt Disney World resort policy and therefore violates the "cheating the system" clause of the INTERCOT Terms of Service.

Your Posts About ADR's:

1)May NOT list the specific time and/or location of an ADR you have recently canceled.

2)May NOT list the specific time and/or date you plan to cancel an ADR or multiple ADR's.

3)May NOT solicit for canceled ADR's.

4)May NOT solicit a "trade" of ADR's with another INTERCOTee.

Any posts or threads not in accordance with the above four rules will be removed.

Special Considerations:

The Staff is aware that it is common to post about potentially canceling an ADR and seek the advice of other INTERCOTee's.

In order to comply with Rules #1 and #2 above, please:

~Do NOT post which ADR you plan to cancel before doing so.

~Do NOT post as to which ADR you canceled until at least 24 hours after the cancellation.

With regard to these types of posts, the Staff will make a case by case determination on whether or not the post needs to be edited or removed in accordance with Rules #1 & #2.

What you CAN do to help others and yourself:

~If you would like to help your fellow INTERCOTee's with getting ADR's, cancel any ADR's you do not intend to keep as soon as you know you will not be using them.

~If you are trying to get an ADR and not having much luck, keep calling back everyday even while on vacation.

Menu's - Need Your Help!

We strive to provide you all with the most current information, but there is only so much the moderating staff can provide. For us to be able to give the most current information, we could use your help in obtaining menus. When you go to Disney try to get menus from the places you dine. If you do not want to carry menus or there isn't paper menus, take a picture of the menu and email it to us at [email protected].