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    Thumbs up 5 4 3 2 FUN!!! (Conlon Family Dining Reviews)

    Hi all! Got back from DL on Sunday, so while it's still fresh in my memory, here's my take on our dining experiences.

    Day 1:
    Dinner: PCH Grill-Our first meal at DLR, was here, since it was located at PPH, where we were staying. Had no PS, but were seated immediately. Our waiter was friendly and pleasant. We were super hungry! I ordered the Crab Louie, which was huge, fresh and had lots of crab. DH had the Big Kahuna Burger (1/2lb)...ate it all! DS (20months) had mac and cheese, from the kids menu. He isn't much of an eater, but ate most of it, as well as the pineapple it came with. We scarfed down a Boardwalk Brownie with icecream, which was pretty good as well. There isn't much chat about PCH, but I liked it and would go back again.

    Day 2:
    Breakfast: Blue Ribbon Bakery at DL- There was a decent sized line. DH had a huge cinnamon roll. Said it had too much frosting, but was good. DS and I shared a pumpkin muffin....mmmm...good.

    Lunch: Rancho Del Zacolo- I was really shocked by how huge the portions are there. I ordered the red chili enchiladas. Came with beans and rice, which I was too full to eat. DH had a burrito, which was gigantic. He didn't eat much but had indigestion the rest of the day. DS had the arroz con pollo toddler meal. He loves rice, so he was happy with it. There were many tables and seating areas here. I thought it was a pleasant CS dining experience, and liked the decor.

    Snack: DH and I enjoyed Dole Whips, while waiting in line for the Tiki Room. Love em'! DS had a fruit cup, which was smaller than I expected, for the price.

    Dinner: Cafe Orleans- Has a PS here. We were so full from lunch, we almost cancelled it, but decided to eat there, at the last minute. We were seated in 10 minutes. Like many park eateries, it was busy and loud. I ordered the gumbo, which was good, and spicy, as usual. DH had the monte cristo. He had never had one, and said the combo of breaded, deep fried, powdered sugared, dipped in jam, just tasted odd. I, however, love monte cristos. The one's I've had are more like a french toast. This one, tasted like a cheese and ham, filled doughnut. I thought it was great. DS ate DH's grapes, and ham from the sandwich. Our waiter saw our anniversary buttons, and surprised us with 2 beignets and "Happy Anniversary", written in raspberry sauce. I will return to CO, but will have the MonteCristo for myself this time.

    Day 3: Breakfast: Grabbed a croissant from the lounge at PPH. It was good for a quick bite on the run.

    Lunch: DH and DS at at Award Weiners at CA. I thought it was weird that you can't just order a hot dog there. You have to order a meal. Just thought that was silly. DH said his was "ok". I had the Sonoma Chicken Salad, at Pacific Wharf. It looked super yummy, and was served in a bread bowl. Thought it was really good, even though i can't stand celery. I've eaten at PW before, and love the fresh bread bowls, so I'll go again and again.

    DInner: Goofy's Kitchen-Had PS for here, and were seated in 15 minutes. The entry area was congested and noisy (happy, tired, excited kids). At 70 some $, for 2, this place isn't cheap! Had our photo taken with Pluto, which made DS happy. We were seated toward the back of the restaraunt. Good selection of entrees and salads/veggies/fruit. Among the entrees was, prime rib, stuffed sole, ham, penne pasta, to name a few. Good antipasto salad. Loved the dessert selections! Sampled the blood orange tart, cranapple pie and 1 bite of a mini pumpkin pie....DS stole the rest. I believe he said, "Finny want more". Since we were seated towards the back of the place, it seemed like we had to track down characters, to see them. DS loved all of them, and we got some priceless pics there.

    Day 4: Breakfast: Storyteller's Character Breakfast-Didn't plan to go here, but DS had so much fun at GK, we couldn't resist. We only saw 3 characters there, Dale, Meeko and Kenai. Our OJ glasses were refilled quickly, by our server. Food was good, but not fancy-schmancy. Pretty straight forward. Good though. DS had a sausage link, and about had a fit, because he found it too spicy for his taste. DH said it was indeed a little spicy. I liked that this meal was a little more low-key, than some others. I think DS wished there was more music, as he really danced to the ones that they did play. (If you're happy and you know it, etc.)

    Lunch: I think we skipped it, since we had a big breakfast.

    Dinner: Stopped by The Lost Bar at DLH, for a quick meal, before Mickey's TOTP. DH had burger, DS had chicken tenders, which he usually doesn't eat, but did this time. Got their food very quickly. DH ordered me a mojito,( I usually don't drink), which was very, very strong. I was happy I didn't have to drive anywhere! I had planned to try a corn dog, everyone raves about, at corndog castle (CA), however, it was closed during the party. I ended up with a pricey, boring piece of pizza from Pizza Oo Mow Mow. Nothing to write home about.

    Day 5: Breakfast: Once again, we grabbed goodies from Blue Ribbon Bakery at DL. Savored yet anothe pumpkin muffin, and DH had a huge pecan sticky bun. CM gave us a free croissant, as we were wearing our anniversary buttons. Mmmm. Good once again.

    Lunch: I finally got to have one of those corn dogs everyone raves about! Grabbed one at the red truck, located across from the baby station. Sooo bad for us, but we enjoyed them nonetheless. While I've never had a $6 corndog before, I have to say this is by far the best one I've ever had!

    Snack: I ended up drinking 2 mint juleps that day, from the julep stand in NOS. I don't know that they really tasted very minty or limey, but they were very refreshing. DS enjoyed a few drinks of mine. DH had his first churro, and liked it of course.

    Dinner: Plaza Inn- We got a good seat, in the sun room area, looking out on mainstreet. I recommended the chicken dinner to DH, as I have read in various places, that they are good. He said it was the best fried chicken he's ever had! Huge meal, with mashed potatoes, and green beans. DS and I shared a fried chicken kid's meal. It was enough for both of us! I don't usually like fried chicken, but this was really good. We all shared some yummy pumpkin pie. We thought this was a really good value, as far as park meals are concerned.

    Day 6: Breakfast: Booked a PS that morning, for GK, once again. Got a better seat. Breakfast was just as good as dinner, if not better. DS liked his sausage links and ate his weight in watermelon. DH said the french toast was yummy. Great selection of breakfast entrees (eggs benedict, ham, scrambled eggs, corned beef hash...) The Creme Brulee French Toast was totally decadent!!! Yummo! I will return to Goofy's Kitchen again, even though it's pricey.

    Recap: My family and I will continue to eat and enjoy Disney food. While eats here are not inexpensive, I feel it is worth it, given the atmosphere we get to eat our corn dog, icecream, gumbo...in. We found everything to be of good quality, presentation and variety. I was so thankful for their toddler meals. I've never found another place which offers them. (It usually isn't worth it to order a kid's meal for him, as he would only eat a bit of it.) CM's were courteous, and pleasant, as most Disney CM's are. DS prefers to use a booster seat. At Cafe Orleans, we were told that they are against the law in California. All other restaraunts offered us one, and said they hadn't heard of such a law. Hmmmm. Just found that interesting.
    The countdown is on, for our Disneyland vacation in Sept. 2010
    2009-Paradise Pier Hotel
    2008-Paradise Pier Hotel
    2006-Carribean Beach
    2004-Coronado Springs & Port Orleans FQ
    2003-Off Property (Condo)
    1992-Off Property

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    Thanks for the excellent reviews. This thread will be so helpful to someone planning their Disneyland Resort meals.
    Linda aka tinkwest
    INTERCOT Staff ~ Disneyland Resort

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    Great reviews....now I'm soo hungry. LOL I've been going to DL at least once a year(of course more times than that since we became pass holders a few years ago) since I was about 5 and we just started eating things other than burgers and fries...LOL So your report helped with things I really want to try.

    The chicken salad from the Pacific Wharf sounds sooo good. I've never eaten there but want to try the next time we go.

    The past two trips we've eaten at the Plaza Inn and we really liked it. You get soo much food.

    thanks for the report.

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