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    Default Very pleasantly surprised today

    I just wanted to share something that happened this morning when I opened my e-mail. There was an e-mail from the CM at Narcoossee's thanking me for the e-mail I had sent to Disney about the service we received when we ate there last April.

    I know on the boards people say that the CM's get notified about when people right in, but it was so nice to hear back directly from the CM I wrote about.

    It feels good to give be able to give some of the "magic" back to the people who make our stay special.
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    Goodness....that is extra special.

    I once wrote to AKL and thanked them profusely for EVERYONE giving us a good vacation. I'm telling you ---- it was the best we've ever had. Then, I wrote a letter to the management there.

    The manager called me about 1 month later and thanked me for the letter. Then, I also received a card of thanks.
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    That is so neat! I'm so glad to hear that they do let the CM's know about positive emails from guests. I hope that Barry at LeCellier was given the email that I sent about his amazing service when we ate there this past December.
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    I sent an email about 2 servers we had last year, both of who went above and beyond for us. But I never heard anything back, maybe because I complained about our service at Kona. But I didn't do it to get a response, just to let them know that I was less than happy with being kept waiting for over an hour for our table.
    And the two servers knew we were on the DDP but didn't skimp on our service. They were very attentive. And if I remember right, I think Barry at LeCellier was one of them.
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    Wow! How wonderful that the actual CM called you!

    I sent an email a few months ago about all the wonderful service and magic we recieved on our trip in March. About 3 weeks after I sent it the phone rang one night and the caller ID said Disney-MGM studios (guess they didn't change the phone system yet) I nearly feel over! It was a wonderful CM from the corp offices at WDW thanking me for the email and letting me know how much they appreicate the feedback. She also told me that she would be forwarding the email to higherups in the company! Cool!

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