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    Default EMH...Morning or Evening?

    We are going Dec. 28th-Jan. 3rd and I am wondering about the EMH...I have read to get to the parks before they open to be able to ride what you want with little wait...I like the evening EMH and from past years it looks like they are open pretty late during this time...My ? is what is a better time to be able to ride? Should we go to the parks before opening and skip the late EMH or the opposite? Thanks
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    We ALWAYS do the early morning for all parks other than MK!! There just seems to be less people there than in the evening (except in the MK). In the MK we do the evening hours because most of the young kids have gone back to their hotel rooms by then!!
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    Morning EMH usually is less crowded and you can get more done (lots of people like to sleep late on vacation, plus if you're coming from the west it's hard to deal with the time change the first few mornings). But if MK is open really late (like after midnight) you'll see the crowds thin out.
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    It really depends on whether your family are more of morning or night people. I am a big fan of the evening EMH but only if you can stay for at leat 2 of the hours that they are offered. The first hour of EMH is generally still pretty crowded after that the crowds start thinning out. If you can stay for the 3rd hour that is the best! Most people have already called it a night by then. If you can't stay up that late than the 1 hour of EMH is the way you should go. My family just finds it hard waking up for them. We are going to attempt this on our next trip though!
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    With those dates, morning EMH probably will be more productive than evening EMH. You'll bet at WDW during some of the busiest days of the year!

    The really late night EMH hours at MK can be productive during that time--or so I'm told. The park tends to empty out significantly by midnight, so if EMH runs until 3 or 4 a.m., you'll probably be able to do quite a bit! *LOL*

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    I would have to say morning especially given the time of year. It is quite possible especially New Years Eve and Day that the parks will reach capacity and be closed off. I would go at least on those days to EMH morning to ensure you get in the parks. We have always had more luck getting things done in the morning than at night. If you like to sleep in then do it because it is your vacation and do EMH evenings.
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    While we personally LOVE evening EMH (we aren't early morning people and don't have children) because we love being in the parks at night when they are all lit up and beautiful, due to the time of year you are going, I would probably do early EMH as suggested by many on here. THis will ensure that you get into the park and can ride some things before it gets to busy.

    We find EMH (later ones) to be almost empty and we can ride things mulitple times with no wait but we tend to go in the off season because we prefer things to be uncrowded and cooler.

    Not sure if this is something you are interested in or if they have dates that late, but just info that may help: I will say that we like doing MVMCP because it keeps the crowds down and we can ride a lot of things during the evening (in addition to the fabulous fireworks and amazing parade they have) while we are eating their apple slices and cookies and drinking their hot chocolate

    Have fun! Christmas time at the world is beautiful!
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